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Sacred Maya Tzolk'in 

Discover what today's energy holds.
Learn about the Sacred Tzolk'in and find out more about how you can come into alignment.
Step 1

Find out what day it is on the Maya Calendar

First go to the calendar converter to see what today is on the Tzolk'in Calendar.
 Put in the date on the app and scroll down to discover the TZOLK'IN DAY.
Then come back here. 
Step 2

Find out how to align with the sacred energy

Find the day god below that matches the Tzol'kin day and read about how you can come into alignment with the energy to make today more successful, balanced, and happy a day for you!

The Meanings of The Days

Its like a Maya Farmer's Almanac. But more. Every day has a God and an energy.
Find out what today's energy is and how it can work for you!

According to Mayan cosmovision, a spirit world exists alongside the material world. Twenty powerful beings called "nawales" from the spirit world exert a powerful influence on people and events in this material world. Called "Lords of the Day", the nawales determine each day’s energy –- its potential, the sort of things that work best on that date. The Tzolk'in Calendar is the sacred calendar of the Maya that maps out those days. It is the calendar that predicts what the energy of each day is good for, a bit like the Farmer's Almanac. Is today good for planting, harvesting, magic, travel, taking care of your home, beginning something new, or something else entirely? Below you will find a chart that explains the potential of each day.

There are 20 days in the sacred Tzolk'in Calendar that are repeated 13 times each giving the calendar a total of 260 days. Each of the 20 Nawales (Days represented by a Lord) is preceded by a number from 1 to 13, which tells the intensity of the Nawal’s energy.  For example: 2 Kawak has quiet energy, 8 Kawak is balanced, and 13 Kawak is almost too strong and a bit crazy. The 13 days make up a month called a "trecena" and each month has an over-riding energy too! Wow, it is a lot to take in! But, no worries because below you will find the basics for each of the twenty days so you can get a general idea of what each Nawal's power is all about, but to discover the specific energy for today, you can purchase the Sacred Tzolkin Daily Planner The Planner combines the power of the Day Lord of today with the intensity (number or tone) of today and the overall type of energy in this trecena (13 day month) to give you an in-depth description of how you can work with the specific energy of this day. (How cool is that!)

Here is a little extra info you might like:


As you are going through the 20 days below, you will notice a few things. Each day is represented by a Maya Glyph that has a name. These are the names of the "nawales" which are the powerful beings from the Otherworld that rule over the days. The names are different in various Mayan languages and here (because I live on the Yucatan Peninsula) I am using the Yucatec names for the days. Beneath the Mayan names you will find their English translations. You will also notice that there is a "direction" associated with each day. The directions are very important because each direction has a different vibe, or different type of energy.

  • East is beginning and unity

  • West is adjusting and duality

  • North is diminishing and clarity

  • South is increasing or harvest 

You will also notice colors associated with each day. These are the colors of the candles used in Maya ceremonies to represent the four cardinal directions.

East is red. West is Black. North is White. South is Yellow.

IMPORTANT: As you move through the directions and their energies, keep in mind that the goal is to bring balance. Finding your CENTER is of utmost importance. Without a strong center, you become unbalanced and out of rhythm with the universe and it is impossible to live in harmony with it. (Note: The color of the center is either green or blue green and the candles placed in the center in Maya rituals are these colors.)

The Nawales

Lords of the Days & What They Mean to You
imix red crocodile



Imix represents the reptilian body of the earth and darkness and is seen as a waterlily monster. It is turbulent and unstable but can also represent new foundations. Imix is the nawal of water. 

Key Words: Birth, Water, Intuition

Animal: Crocodile

Direction: East

Energy: Beginnings & Unity

Color: Red

Energetic Places: Oceans and rivers

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Being Creative 

  • Making decisions 

  • Cleansing yourself from negative energy

  • Receiving messages from beyond

  • Starting new projects

kan yellow seed



K'an is a symbol of fishing nets which you can use to can catch things or can entangle you. It is all about gathering things, collecting things, and piecing things together.

Key Words: Harvest, Gathering 

Animal: Spider 

Direction: South

Energy: Increasing, Harvest

Color: Yellow

Energetic Places: The sea and the jungle

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Disentangling things

  •  Paying of all types of debts including relational spiritual, and material ones

  • Working on community projects

  • Harvesting

  • Gathering things

manik blue deer



Manik is the force that carries the destinies of humankind. It encompasses everything about balance and support and is master of the hunt.

Key Words: Balance, Business, Nature

Animal: Deer

Direction: West

Energy: Adjusting, Duality

Color: Blue/Black

Energetic Places: Forests, mountains, and woodlands

A Good Day to Focus On:

  • Spending time in nature

  •  Avoiding gossip

  • Asking for a good harvest

  • Becoming a student of spirituality 

  • Seeking balance

  • Advertising

  • Job hunting

  • Working with clients

ok white dog



Ek represents your guide, protector, wise counsel, friendship, and fidelity. Ok is the dog that guides the night sun through the underworld. He also loves to have fun and is the most sexual of all the nawales. 

Key Words: Guide, Protect, Friendship

Animal: Dog

Direction: North

Energy: Decreasing, Clarity

Color: White

Energetic Places: Natural settings especially mountains and beaches

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Look for hidden truths 

  • Seek/Give advice

  • Spend time with friends

  • Protect your loved ones

  • Ask for freedom from poverty, misfortune, and bad habits

  • Play and have fun

  • Short distance travel

  • Have great sex 

ben red corn


Corn Stalk/Staff of Power

B'en represents the staff of Virtues of Divine Power. It is a day of triumph! It is all about harvest and success and is a most fortunate day! It is a day of surging growth! It is the internal fire that releases the secret powers!

Key Words: Growth, Authority, Magic!

Animal: Armadillo

Direction: East

Energy: Beginning, Unity

Color: Red

Energetic Places: Beaches and warm forests

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Following your intuition

  • Paying attention to your dreams

  • Studying and investigating

  • Using your authority

  • Working in your garden

  • Abundance

  • Magic!

kib yellow owl



Kib is the night birds. It is a very special day when people spend their time preventing mistakes. It is about having patience, reconciling, and being aware of the effects of karma. It is also about seeing into the otherworlds, lighting the darkness, and the power of the candle. 

Key Words: Patience, timing

Animal: Bee

Direction: South

Energy: Increasing, Harvest

Color: Yellow

Energetic Places: Caves, cenotes, streams, and the sea

A Good Day to Focus on:

Forgiving and being forgiven, Solving family problems, Being a good example, Asking for strength, Curing illness

kawak blue storm



Kawak is the day of the celestial dragon serpent that travels from the cenotes to the sea and brings water. It is a day of trouble, strong women, and domestic life.

Key Words: Storms of life, Comforts of home

Animal: Turtle

Direction: West

Energy: Adjusting, Duality

Color: Blue/Black

Energetic Places: Pine and cypress forests

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Asking for rain

  • Working to create a haven at home

  • Asking for prosperity on earth

  • Healing mental illness

  • Being aware of strong emotions

  • Flashes of inspiration

  • Working on house projects

ik white wind



Ik represents air, wind, the human voice, violence, heavy showers, and hurricanes. It is all about the breathe of life and creativity.

Key Words: Breath of life, Human voice

Animal: Hummingbird

Direction: North

Energy: Diminishing & Clarity

Color: White

Energetic Places: Cool high places and deep valleys

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Asking for protection for friends and family

  • Asking that all suffering be taken away

  •  Asking for protection against the rage of overly strong human emotions

  • Using your voice, speaking your truth

  • Meditation/breathing

chikchan red snake


Feathered Serpent

Chikchan represents the god Kukulkan, the framer and shaper of the universe. It is about justice, truth, and peace.

Key Words: Truth, Justice, Wisdom

Animal: Snake

Direction: East

Energy: Beginning, Unity

Color: Red

Energetic Places: Beaches, mountains, and starry nights

A Good Day to Focus on: 

  • Seeking justice

  • Using or seeking wisdom

  • Speaking the truth

  • Diagnosing and curing illness 

  • Remembering the power of female intuition 

  • Writing/Reading

lamat yellow star flower



Lamat is represents abundance and the seasons. It is all about planting a seed, from flowers to ideas, to friendships. The star is Venus, the goddess of fertility.

Key Words: Planting, Fertility, Abundance

Animal: Rabbit

Direction: South

Energy: Increasing, Harvest

Color: Yellow

Energetic Places: Forests, rivers, lakes, and highlands

A Good Day to Focus On:

  • Starting a new project or relationship

  •  Feeding the world

  • Star gazing and thinking about the universe

  • Planting

  • Being thankful for abundance

chuwen blue monkey



Chuwen represents the thread of time, connections from past to present to future, and the development of humans and nature. It the great craftsman, the patron of arts and knowledge and is all about creativity and having fun. Monkey loves to party!.

Key Words: Creative, Fun, Connection

Animal: Monkey

Direction: West

Energy: Adjusting, Duality

Color: Blue/Black

Energetic Places: Forests, lakes, and the night sky

A Good Day to Focus on: 

  • Starting a new project or business venture

  •  Following the ways and advice of the elders

  •  Planning a marriage or getting married

  • Having a party

  • Being creative

  • Having fun

  • Honoring your past

ix white jaguar



Ix is the sacred name of divinity on earth. It represents vitality, the Maya alter, wisdom, and feminine energy. It encompasses everything related to the earth. ix is also related to the goddess Ixchel, the goddess of childbearing and weaving.

Key Words: Feminine, Vitality, The Earth

Animal: Jaguar

Direction: North

Energy: Decreasing, Clarity

Color: White

Energetic Places: Ceremonial places, especially the pyramids

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Using feminine energy

  •  Asking for money to buy land and resources to build a house

  •  Giving thanks to the earth and asking pardon for exploiting it 

  • Embracing your vitality

  • Everything that involves taking care of plants, animals, and the earth,

  • Using magic powers. 


kaban red earth



Kab'an is a day of formidable power and is associated with earthquakes (a day to shake things up).  It is all about wisdom, ideas, thoughts, logic, and science.

Key Words: Logic, Science

Animal: Woodpecker

Direction: East

Energy: Beginning, Unity

Color: Red

Energetic Places: Rain forests, cold forests, mountains, lakes, and clouds 

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Thinking creatively

  • Using logic rather than intuition

  •  Cultivating scientific ideas

  • Being connected to the earth

  • Giving/Receiving advice

  •  Joining ideas with others

ajaw yellow sun



Ahaw is all about happiness, illumination and growth, but keep in mind that too much sun can drain you. High number Ahaw days are not good days to make decisions.

Key Words: Illumination, Happiness, Growth

Animal: Conch/Snail

Direction: South

Energy: Increase, Harvest

Color: Yellow

Energetic Places: Sunrise, sunset, beach, and forest

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Ask for the fulfillment of ideas

  • Spend time doing things that make you happy

  • Work in your garden

  • Get some sun (unless its a high number)

  • Build a house 

  • Contact the dead 

  • Be brave against the things that scare you 

  • Ask for blessings from the ancestors

akbal blue night



Ak'bal represents the night-house and the darkness before the dawn. It is about looking within to find answers.

Key Words: Hope, Otherworld

Animal: Bat

Direction: West

Energy: Duality, Adjusting

Color: Blue/Black

Energetic Places: Dawn, dusk and caves

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Declaring your love

  • Discovering the underlying causes of problems

  •  Introducing babies to their ancestors

  • Contacting your ancestors

  • Finding things

kimi white death



Kimi encompasses both the good and the bad and the owl that announces death from the trees. It is about transformation and change.

Animal: Owl

Direction: North

Energy: Diminishing, Clarity

Color: White

Energetic Places: The fireplace, temples, and ceremonial centers

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Asking for tranquility among those both living and dead 

  • Asking for and giving forgiveness

  • Remembering/Contacting the dead

  • Ending things

  • Tying up loose ends

  • Harvesting

  • Reminding yourself of past successes

muluk red moon



Muluk is about bringing dark things to light. It is a day of giving offerings and making sacrifices. It is also a day to use your intuition and be aware of your emotions.

Key Words: Payment, Intuition

Animal: Shark

Direction: East

Energy: Beginnings & Unity

Color: Red

Energetic Places: Beaches and big rocks

A Good Day to Focus On:

  • Giving offerings to the earth

  • Asking for strength to avoid mistakes

  • Paying debts(bills) and making up for missed obligations 

  • Asking for rain

  • Using your intuition

  • Being aware of your emotions

eb yellow road



Eb' is the time when the ancestors are ready to listen and it is all about the path you are on, travel, and destiny.

Key Words: Travel, You Path in Life

Animal: Mountain Lion

Direction: South

Energy: Increasing, Harvest

Color: Yellow

Energetic Places: Mountains, rivers, and cold forests

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Considering your future or destiny

  • Creating a vision board

  •  Asking for luck in spiritual & material pursuits

  • Asking for protection of crops from destruction or theft

  • Proposing marriage 

  • Proposing a new business deal

  • Travel/any distance 

men blue eagle



Men symbolizes the Creator of the Universe and all that is in space. It is the day of money, business, and merchants and is all about flying high, ambition, and vision.

Key Words: Business, Vision

Animal: Eagle

Direction: West

Energy: Adjusting, Duality

Color: Blue/Black

Energetic Places: Lakes, mist, and upland forests

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Asking for money to buy things

  •  Sacrificing/Saving for the future

  •  Working towards solidarity

  •  Protecting oneself financially

  • Vision casting

  • Business pursuits

  • Selling things

etznab white knife



Etz'nab is the day of the obsidian sacrificial blade. This day is about getting to the core of things. Its blade it two sided and can both cut and heal. Knife is a day to release the things that don't serve you.

Key Words: Releasing, Healing

Animal: Fish

Direction: North

Energy: Diminishing, Clarity

Color: White

Energetic Places: Waterfalls, caves, cenotes, and storms

A Good Day to Focus on:

  • Letting go of the past and moving forward

  • Making predictions about the future

  • Breaking away from things and relationships that cause us anguish

  • Cleaning out things

  • Editing projects

  • Diagnosing and curing both mental and physical illness.

  • Etz'nab is a bad day to plant.