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Spiritual Retreat

Heal & Re-Activate Your Spiritual Sight

An Intimate Retreat
limited to 7 guests only!

Puerto Morelos, MX

just 20 minutes south of Cancun!

Heal & Re-Activate Your Spiritual Sight

Choose January 20-23, February 24-27, or April 8 - 11, 2022
Join Laura for 4 days and 4 nights in Paradise. . . Riviera Maya, Mexico! 

retreat begins with a welcome dinner at 7pm on the first day

Come discover the secrets of spiritual healing and activation as practiced by the Maya people of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Find out what has been blocking you - clouding your spiritual vision - and find the healing you need to bring your spiritual sight back into clear focus. Then re-activate your third eye and begin to see more clearly into other worlds than you ever have before! Strengthen your intuition and learn to "see" into spirit realms and other dimensions. And do all of this in the sacred spaces of the Mayalands where ancient ruins pulse with revelatory energy and the waters of Xibalba, the Maya underworld, both cleanse you and bring you into contact with deep magic. 

Oh, The Places We'll Go

Here's some of what we have to look forward to together on this spiritual journey
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Puerto Morelos

Stay in the fishing village of Puerto Morelos with its beautiful white sand beach, Caribbean waters, and quaint, small town atmosphere. 


Ek Balam Ruins

Explore the ruins of Ek Balam, one of the most elaborately 

decorated Maya ruins in all of Mexico! Climb the pyramid and gaze out across the jungle where you can see other pyramids rising in the distance!

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Cenote Choj Ha

Soak in crystalline waters of this remote cave cenote. Cenotes are sacred and considered portals to the Maya underworld!


Cenote X'canche

Swim in this blue water cenote and soak in the relaxing minerals that give the water its stunning color. Calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium makes you feel oh, so relaxed, almost like you've had a glass of wine! 

254981009_5031635630183911_8540969825724475006_n (2).jpg

Don Francisco's Home

Visit with our shaman and spend time in his home in a tiny pueblo in Yucatan where you will meet his family and get an inside peek into traditional Maya life. 

doloros alba celestial pool

Celestial Pool

Spend the night in a jungle hotel on the grounds where the cosmic energy for Chichen Itza enters the earth and soak in the healing waters of this natural pool where people feel regenerated and whole!


Day 1 . . .

Arrive and check in

7:00 pm Meet for a home-cooked dinner at our place

Maya Ritual

Day 2 . . .

8:00 am Home-cooked breakfast at our place

Maya Day Ritual

Morning Session with Laura 


Mid-morning Session with Laura

12:00 pm Lunch with traditional Mexican food to cleans your third eye!

2:00 - 4:00 Individual Maya Oracle Card Readings to discover

your spiritual blocks and how to overcome them

2:00 - 4:00 Soak in our beautiful, cenote-water filled pool

4:00 - 6:00 Journal assignments and rest

6:00 pm Delicious home-cooked Maya/Mexican dinner to cleanse and heal

your third eye

Evening Meditation

Day 3 . . . 

8:00 am Home-cooked breakfast at our place

Maya Ritual

9am Leave to go on a jungle adventure!

Soak in an amazing cave cenote and release negative energies

Have lunch in the jungle

Arrive at Francisco's home (our Maya shaman/herbatero)

Individual cleansing/healing sessions with Francisco

Traditional Mayan Dinner at a spritually active hotel!

Spend the night at the jungle hotel with the healing pool

and an active alux!

Day 4 . . . 

7:15 am Meet and pack the cars

7:30 am breakfast at the hotel

8:30 am Leave for Ek Balam Ruins (about a 20 minute drive)

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Meet the sacred Ceiba tree

Explore the ruins

Lunch at a Maya Co-op restaurant

Swim in a lovely cenote

Head back to Puerto Morelos

Dinner in the port, closing the retreat, and good-byes

Silver Shopping (if you want to)

Return to your condo for a good night's sleep

The next morning check out is at 10:00 am

authentic mexican tacos
soaking in a cenote
Cacao ceremony


A week before you arrive

     When you register, you will receive a packet of information including things we ask you to do the week before you arrive in Paradise. You will get a list of super healthy yummy foods (including raw chocolate!). Adding these delicious ingredients to your meals will begin to detox your body and prepare you for a spiritual cleansing. You will also receive instructions on a wonderful meditation to begin practicing along with a guided meditation video to help you focus, open yourself to the goodness of the Universe, and relax. In addition, we will send you a list of simple daily practices like listening to the birds, turning your face to the sun and other easy and enjoyable things that will help bring you into alignment with the spiritual world. All of these practices are based on the lifestyles of the Maya people here on the Yucatan peninsula. Incorporating their ancient wisdom into your life will prepare you for a greater spiritual experience while you are with us!



Participate in workshops with Laura

Join the sacred circle where we will explore the supernatural stories of the Maya, both ancient and modern. You will hear fantastic explanations of elementals beings like the alux and the cenote dragon. Learn about the sacred Maya Tzolkin calendar and participate in daily rituals. Share your own supernatural experiences and hear other people's stories. Get your own personal oracle card reading and interpretation in order to find out what is blocking you spiritually. Participate in a fire ceremony to release your blocks. And have plenty of time to ask questions about the wisdom and magic of the Maya people!

Laura LaBrie
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Release Your Blocks in The Sacred Waters

Cenotes are part of a vast underground river system with water so clear it looks like air. They are filled with caves that are considered entrances to Xibalba, the Maya underworld. Portals. Powerfully energetic places deep in the earth. As you descend into the cave and enter this sacred water, you will immediately feel the sacredness of the place. This is where you can soak in the mineral rich waters and release the things that have been holding you back. This is a place of seeing into the deep reaches of your own being and a place of letting go. It is a place of magic. Come float in the mystical waters of the Maya and find release, find peace, find a fresh beginning and revelation. This is the place where your healing begins. 


In Your Private Shamanic Session

     While you are here you will get to experience a private session (with a translator) with our good friend and shaman, Don Francisco. 

     Don Francisco is the healer and shaman of his village deep in the Yucatan. He comes from a long line of herberos (healer/shaman) and was called to serve his village in this way as a young child. With both a knowledge of over 5,000 medicinal plants and the use of his shaman stone (read about that here) and other talismans, he is a powerful, and yet very humble and gentle, healer. Your time with him will include a cleansing with copal incense, ruda (a sacred plant) and a series of prayers in Mayan. After that he will observe you through the stone and tell you what he sees. Often he offers advice, does some other healing ritual, or gives you a spirit tea. 

Don Francisco, the last shaman in his village


Receive Your Message from The Universe 

     Spend time listening to the voices of other realms while you wander in the ruins of Ek Balam.

    El Torre, the pyramid housing the temple of the Black Jaguar priest/king, overshadows these quiet but magnificent ruins. You can climb the ancient steps and we highly recommend that you do because the ancient façade you will find half way up is possibly the most breathtaking Maya art you will find in all of Mexico! You can imagine yourself stepping through the giant Witz monster mouth that represents an entrance to Xibalba and communing with the gods! 

     While you are here, we will provide you with a beautiful journal to record any visions or revelations you may have. You will be able to take time to find a quite spot for meditation and tap into the spiritual energy of this sacred site. Expect to have an amazing experience while in this magical and ancient place!


Retreat Cost

It's all inclusive!
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4 Days 4 Nights

All Inclusive

Double  . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,290


for the entire trip

per person

Single . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,370

Private room for

the night in Valladolid

per person

All Puerto Morelos condo accommodations are double occupancy. That means 2 guests per condo, each with a private bedroom. If you are traveling alone and would like to be matched with a roommate, let us know and we will be happy to pair you with someone awesome!

Register to 
Save Your Spot Now

A $250 per person non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.

When you register you will receive a welcome email to get you started!

January Retreat Registration Deposit

$250 USD

February Retreat Registration Deposit

$250 USD

April Retreat Registration Deposit

$250 USD


Hi, I'm Laura LaBrie! I am working hard to make this retreat an amazing and unforgettable healing and activating experience for YOU! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help you! 

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Retreat Schedule

So You Can Begin to Dream
The Week Before

The Preparation

The week before you arrive, you will already be starting the healing and re-activiting process! We will send you everything you need to start preparing for your time with us. This includes a list of super healthy and delicious foods and recipes that will begin to cleanse and activate your third eye! You will also receive a list of things to begin doing (and things to stop doing) to help get you ready to receive the most while you are here. The things on the list are daily practices of the Maya people who live very spiritually connected lives here on the Yucatan Peninsula! 


Map of Puerto Morelos

A Caribbean Paradise

our little paradise just south of Cancun!

feb_marzo_2017_interior_bueno_web1 crop (2).jpg

Where we are staying

A Colonial Hacienda and a Jungle Condo

Residencial Alborada

A Comfy Condo Next to the Jungle

A two bedroom condo with a living room and full kitchen gives you the opportunity to share living space with one other retreat guest while still enjoying the privacy of your own bedroom. Listen to the parrots and toucans in the morning and have the pleasure of relaxing in the beautiful jungle pool complete with palapa covered spaces!

doloros alba celestial pool

A Jungle Hotel
with a Healing Pool

Where magic happens!

This bungalow style hotel sits on land where they say the cosmic energy for Chichen Itza enters the earth. The place abounds with supernatural stories, many which you will hear! There are two pools, one of which is a natural ancient reef and is said to hold healing waters. Come soak, rejuvenate, sleep in a magical atmosphere, and wake up in the morning to the sounds of jungle birds!


Here's What this Retreat Includes

All these goodies are waiting for you!
All Accommodations
Amazing Meals
Personal Shaman Time
Immersion Experiences
Oracle Card Reading

Hi, I'm Laura LaBrie! I am working hard to make this retreat an amazing and unforgettable healing and activating experience for YOU! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help you! 

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Meet Laura

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Your Guide to Maya Wisdom & Magic

Author, researcher, photographer, and adventurer, Laura LaBrie, has been living in Mexico and Central America for the past 11 years. She spends her time in remote villages and wild places learning as much as she can about Maya culture, life, and connection to the spirit realms, supernatural beings, and other dimensions! She is super excited to share everything she has learned with YOU! There are amazing secrets and ancient wisdom hidden in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and Laura is passionate about unearthing them and incorporating them into daily life. She has even been asked by the Maya elders to share their wisdom, their ways, and their connection to spirit with the world and she is excited to make good on her promise to do just that! 

What People are Saying

. . . we'll never forget!

This past February my friend and I stayed in Puerto Morelos. We went with Laura to visit some of the less touristy Mayan pyramids and swim in some cenotes. Every place we went was amazing. Meeting a Mayan family in their home was an honor we'll never forget. When we return to the Yucatan we will definitely go with Laura to explore even more fantastic sites. She not only was our guide but also became our friend.

Mary Ann 

 . . . magic out of the fabric of Mexico!

I became friends with Laura because she was such a good writer. She is also very approachable, and I feel deeply blessed to have seen her in person too. Laura is the most accomplished of my mystical friends. She forges magic out of the fabric of Mexico. She has shown me Mayan sites and cenotes. She helped me discover the Mayan people and I couldn't wait for her book about the sacred side of this people.



. . . this is the real deal!

A wonderful, totally sublime experience. Max and Laura’s depth of knowledge about the Mayan people, their innate indigenous worldview and simple lifestyle was shared to our small group in an elegant style. We visited in the village and were able to have individual healings with the village shaman. We swam in cenotes, climbed pyramids at Ek Balam and it was mesmerizing. This is the real deal.


. . . a surreal experience!

Laura and Max were an absolute pleasure to take an excursion with! Having met Laura before I already knew she was great energy and good people! Laura and Max both took us to some amazing cenotes that offered a very private and surreal experience unlike anything I’ve ever experienced on any excursion before. They both shared with us the history of the Mayan culture and offered a very personal experience unlike any I’ve seen on other excursions in Mexico! I would highly recommend and will be booking with them in the future!