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Wisdom and the Earth: A day of Formidable Power

Today is 10 Kaban on the Tzolk'in Maya sacred calendar. It is the day of wisdom and the earth and a day of formidable power.

Thought knowledge and science come together on this day in an explosion of power. It is not just the day of the earth, but of the power of the earthquake. It is a day to come into agreement with the creator and channel creative thinking, scientific investigation, and profound ideas to solve both social and political problems.

This is a day to join forces with like minded people. Work together so that this earth-wisdom may increase in both power and potential. And don’t forget, this is the month of Lamat, a month of abundance. And not only that, today is a TEN, which is the crest of the wave, the day of manifestation!

The color for today is vibrant red, the color of blood which brings life and the color of the dawning sun and the direction is east, where ideas come from.

Energetic places and rainforests, clouds, lakes and mountains. Places where the water meets the earth and creativity can flow. And todays stone is the agate which comes from the volcanoes!

I woke up this morning listening to a woodpecker right outside my window, drilling into a near by tree. So cool, because the animal associate with Kaban is the woodpecker. Woodpeckers “tap into” things. That helps remind us to “tap into” creative thinking today.

To Sum Up:

10 Kaban: Wisdom and the Earth

A day of formidable power

Animal: Woodpecker

Color: Red

Direction: East

Energetic Places: Clouds and rainforests, lakes and mountains

Focus on: Thinking creatively, working in groups, scientific investigation, coming into agreement with the Creator, give or ask for advice, solve political and social problems


You can listen to this guided meditation by clicking on the video below.

Find East and then find a comfortable place to sit with your body facing east.

Close your eyes . . .

You are standing on a winding dirt road high on a mountainside looking out over a vast green valley. You are so high that wisps of clouds swirl below you, blocking part of your view. There are banana trees with huge green leaves growing down the steep hillside at your feet. They shade coffee bushes with bright red berries that will soon be harvested for some of the best coffee in the world.

Way down the hill you see a farmer tending the coffee buses. His wide brimmed straw hat hides his face from you.

You breathe in the chilly, moist air and it fills your lungs with humid coolness. You breathe out and expel all tiredness and negativity from your mind, your body, and your spirit.

As you gaze at the farmer, whose face you cannot see, and the valley, which is partially obscured by the clouds, you realize that not all things are in view. There is much to be discovered, much to seek out, much to be curious about and to question.

What does the farmers face look like? What lies under the swirling clouds and is hidden from you? Curiosity rises within you.

And so, you step off the relatively safe of the road and down into the dew-covered grass of the coffee plantation. There is a large berry-laden bush directly in front of you. You push its thick branches aside and then duck under the spreading leaves of a banana tree. A bit more of the valley comes into view.

The hill is steep and a bit slippery, but your curiosity insists that you continue and you decide that you are going to make your way down the mountain at least far enough to see the farmers face and hopefully a bit more of the valley below you.

It's cold. The wispy clouds part before you. You can feel their dampness seeping into your clothing, but you continue. The need to know is calling you.

Breathe in the cool, damp air again. Now, blow out and see your breath before you, hovering for a moment in the air and then dissipating like the clouds below you.

OK, now open your eyes. What is calling you? What is your curiosity asking you to explore? Today is the day to take the first step off the safety of the road you have been on and discover what’s been waiting for you.

Stepping off the path,


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