Three Simple Oracle Card Spreads

Hola Lovelies!

Today I want to show you 3 fun and easy spreads/layouts you can do with the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards.

Even though these are not tarot cards, you can still use them to answer questions. It is easy because you can start by just focusing on the key words you will find for each card when you look them up in the book. Please keep in mind that cards like this or even tarot cards do not give you “set in stone” answers. They access the energy you are in when you are reading them. So, answers can change when you change the way you feel or think or the actions you take. For this reason, it is a good thing to come back and ask the same question again after you have had some time to make adjustments. The first reading here is a great example of how to do that.

Basic directions: Shuffle the cards anyway that is easy or feels good to you. Clear your mind as you are shuffling and begin to think about the questions you are going to ask. Then focus on each question as you pull a card to answer that question. You can pull cards from the deck while holding them in your hand, deal them out like you would playing cards, or spread them out in a fan on the table and pull one, or even mix them up all over the table a pick the one you feel drawn to. Don’t worry if they are upside down. Just turn them right side up (The cards can be read upside down, but there is no need to read them that way. That is for a later lesson)

To find out about your path in life you can ask these 3 simple questions:

1. What does The Universe/My Higher Self want me to do?

2. What path am I on now?

3. What action can I take to bring where I am and where I want to be into alignment?

Place the three cards you pulled face up on the table in front of you. You can see if the keyword on the bottom of the card speaks to you right away. If not, look the card up in the book to find more keywords, and further information about the meanings of the cards (note: some of the cards tell stories so not all of them have key words. If the card tells the story, it will be easy to understand its main lesson)

Keep it simple and just go with the first thing that comes to mind. That is almost always the most accurate!

Example: Let’s say you pulled 1. Medicinal Garden. You would probably know right away how that applies to you. Maybe you love gardening, or maybe you are a natural healer at heart. Your Higher self is giving you information about something you can do that will be a good fit for you!

For number 2, let’s say you pulled Lak’in. Lak’in is one of the Maya cross cards and is all about beginnings. This would mean that you are in the beginning stages of doing something with a medicinal garden (Becoming a healer, learning about healing plants, or just becoming a gardener. Remember you would know the answer because it would resonate with you!)

Then for card 3, you pulled the Codex. Well, this tells you what action you can take to align where you are now with where your higher self wants you to be. And the Codex is the ancient book of wisdom. So, that would mean that you should apply yourself to learning, maybe even learning ancient wisdom!

To sum up…. The Universe wants you to do something with medicinal plants. You are in the beginning stages now, and if you take time to learn, you will reach you goal!

See how easy it is?

So here are two more spreads you can do. Just follow the same basic directions and see where it leads you!

To do a little self-discovery try this one:

1. What is going on with my conscious self?

2. What is going on with my sub-conscious self?

3. What is going on with my super-conscious self?

If you find there is a big gap between what these three parts of your self are feeling/thinking, try pulling a 4th card to answer the question, “What action can I take to bring the parts of myself into better alignment?”

Here is one of my favorite spreads. This one I use almost daily to see what will be beneficial for me to focus on during the day. Of course, you can think about these questions in relation to something specific you are wondering about, but I use them as general questions and just apply them to my coming day.

To find out more about what will help you in your coming day:

1. What should I do?

2. What should I stop doing?

3. What should I take a break from?

So, there you have it. Three fun spreads to do. Keep it simple. Look for key words and general ideas. Subscribe to the blog if you like and you will get video lessons and fun articles to keep expanding your experience with the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards.

Be blessed and have a lovely day,


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