The Wind, The Pink Moon, & Epazote

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Hola and Buenos Dias dear Lovelies from sunny, magical Mexico!

Last night (April 7-8) was the full Pink Supermoon in Libra which is helps us to remember to be aware that we are all one and to focus on compassion for others. AND this Trecerna (13 day cycle) in the Tzolkin Maya Calendar is IK: The Wind, which is very cool because it goes right along with the energy of this supermoon and is very encouraging during this difficult time we are all going through. Ik is the energy of breath, the energy of the wind, the human voice, and emotions. Now, this is amazing timing because during this 13 day trecerna of Ik, the Maya day keepers remind us that it is a good time to:

  • Ask for protection for friends and family

  • Ask that all illness and suffering be taken away

  • Ask for protection against the rage of overly strong human emotions

Wow! How cool is that!

well, I got up this morning and went out to my little garden of potted herbs, flowers, and baby trees and I harvested some epazote, a lovely Mexican herb that is frequently found in soups, tamales, egg dishes, chilies, moles, and quesadillas. The flavor itself is difficult to define, but is usually likened to a citrus, mint, or tarragon-type flavor, which makes it quite versatile as a flavoring agent. However,often it is used as a base for epazote tea, an invigorating and spicy variety that is beloved by millions around the world.

So, what is epazote beneficial for? Well, interestingly enough, along with boosting your immunity, boosting your metabolism, and healping you deal with tummy problems, it is great for respiratory issues. I think its super cool that I would choose to harvest it now considering the battle with this virus around the world and the trouble it has been causing with respiratory problems AND ….It is also amazing because this is IK, remember? And Ik is all about the wind and your breath!

I love how things come together. It seems that the Universe is saying to us to stick together and love each other. Pray for one another and trust that peace will return to the planet. Our confusing emotions will become joyful again and health will return.

On to the cards.

As I was playing with the cards this morning, I felt inclined to pull out a little piece of copal resin which is dried sap from the copal tree. I also felt drawn to a nugget of aventurine that I adore and if you know me at all, you know that "adventure" is one of my biggest passions in life! And, I also pulled out a very special seed called "ojo de venado" (deer eye) that a friend of mine found on the beach and gave to me as a gift. Copal is the most well-loved sacred incense used here in the Yucatan by shamans to cleanse spaces, clear negative energy, and raise vibrations. It has a lemony scent and I love it and use it in my home often. Aventurine brings amazing good luck. Its name means, "by chance!" It also connects you to the healing energies of the earth and works with your heart chakra, clearing it of negative emotions and bringing a feeling of harmony and serenity. And ojo de venados are revered in this culture as having the ability to ward off the evil eye and are considered powerful protection from negative and harmful energy.

Now, here are the three Maya Majiks Oracle Cards I drew for you this morning. Take a moment to clear your mind of anything that has been troubling you, or your plans, or responsibilites, or things you need to get done, or things that happened earlier in the day. Take a few deep cleansing breaths, and perhaps think of something lovely, like a butterfly flitting about in a spring garden or the scent of the forest after the rain. Then take a look at the cards and see which one (or ones) are calling to you. Then, after you pick one . . . or two or even all three, scroll down and have a look to see who wanted to encourage you today!

Did you remember to pick?

Remember that the Maya Majiks Oracles cards have 7 different types of cards. They include: Nawales Day Cards, Magical Wave cards, The 5 Directions, Elemental Beings, Gods/Goddesses and Legends, Sacred Places, and Sacred Living. So, when you look at the meanings, you will find that some cards have key words, elemets, and energies attached to them along with suggestions about what the day's energy is good for (those are the Nawales Day Cards) Some are stories with hidden meanings (we have two of the those today, they are the Sacred Living and Sacred Places Cards) Some contain rituals you can try if you like (those are the Sacred Directions cards). There are also "Gods, Godesses, and Legends" cards that have folklore stories and lessons, and "Magical Wave" cards that come with gifts and energies, and of course there are the elemental beings cards that are each tied to one of the four elements and are all about nature coming alive! Wow! So many fun things. I just love the way they all intertwine <3

So, here are the cards that decided to come to you today. Scoll down for the meanings.

Descending: Into the Underworld

Gingerly, you climb from your safe perch at the edge of a small hole in the earth. It is the opening to a massive cave. You grab the top of a makeshift ladder and shift your weight onto its thick, wooden top rung. The guide helping you instructs you to keep one hand on the ladder and one on a safety rope for support lest you lose your footing and fall 25 feet into the cave below.

Looking down into the gloom, you carefully search for each step beneath you. They are not all the same distance apart and some are uneven under the soles of your shoes. Fear tastes bitter in the back of your throat, but you are determined to go on. You are entering a very sacred and healing cave that runs for many miles into ancient paths and holds the keys to long forgotten mysteries.

As you descend, your eyes begin to adjust to the dark. Five-thousand-year-old cave paintings come into view. They are of simple figures drawn in the same reddish-brown earth that covers some of the sparkling white limestone floor beneath you. A giant cave spider clings to wall, weaving her web and ignoring you. Small bats flit about. One comes quite close. You are a bit startled, but not afraid of these expert night flyers. Your attention is drawn to the massive cave materializing before you. Your guide, who is below, holds two flashlights, and, as you step off the final rung, he hands one to you. Excitedly, you shine it around, illuminating the secret underworld.

Dear one, you have successfully braved the journey of descending and now the hidden things are open to you! Yes, it is mysterious and a bit unnerving, but rejoice, for now you can explore! Expect dark things to come to light. Look for keys to your own heart and its subconscious desires and seek answers to things you have been asking for. Your spiritual eyes are now open and now you have access to those things that lie beneath!

K’an: Seed

Key Words: Gathering, Collecting, Abundance

Animal: Spider

Directions: South

Color: Yellow

Element: Earth

Energy: Harvest, Endings

Energetic Places: Sea, Jungle, Farm fields, Gardens

Gemstone: Citrine

K’an is the Lord of Corn. He is represented by four seeds. Four is the number of stability and the seeds are a picture of wealth. He comes to you today with abundance in all areas of your life, bringing harvest energy in your finances, relationships, personal life, and spirituality. Now is the time to receive what you have long been working and waiting for. You are growing and maturing in all areas and K’an is bringing you the energy you need to step into a place of true success. If you owe anything, you will finally pay off all your debts. That includes getting free in ALL areas of your life. Financial freedom is here for you. So are freedom and reconciliation in your relationships and in your personal life, along with igniting a flame in your spiritual life. K’an’s abundance brings you to a secure place where you have everything you need and are also in a position to help others. Your answers are here!

Today is a good day to:

  • Work magic

  • Make things right for your highest good and the highest good of others

Ofrenda: Gift of Thanks

You stand in the courtyard of the hacienda where the archeologists stayed when they were first excavating the great ruins of Chichen Itza. It used to be a private home, but now it is a beautiful hotel. Before you, lies a well-kept garden. Huge banyans and zapotes tower overhead, and verdant cut grass stretches out over the gently rolling earth. A fountain burbles in the distance and bougainvillea flowers cascade from the roof of the sprawling yellow building behind you. Directly in front of you is an odd-looking stone-man sculpture with two oranges and a half-gourd filled with water at its feet. Curious. You wonder at its significance. An employee dressed in bright, pressed whites walks by and you politely ask him if it is an offering. He stumbles over his words as he explains that, yes, it is an offering to ask for rain. He does not seem to want to offer much information. You respect his desires and ask no more questions.

But your curiosity intensifies.

You wander off in hopes of finding another to ask about the curious offering. Your wanderings lead you to the front desk where a jovial man asks if there is anything he can do to help. You delicately explain your curiosity and ask if he can tell you anything more about the oranges and the half-gourd filled with water. He can see that you are in earnest and motions you to have a seat. Over the next half-hour he tells you stories of enchanted beings and Maya gods and of offerings given and of magical results.

Do you believe in magic, dear? Do you believe in the power of offerings? Have enchanted beings whispered in your ear? Listen closely. They are speaking to you now and asking for an orange and a little sip of water. And what will they give you in return?

Well, what do you want?


What a lovey and rich offering this week! I hope you enjoyed it and I really hope you found some encouragement today. Stay tuned next week for another card draw. My hope is to inspire you and add a little joy to your day.

Butterflies and kisses,