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The Cards Come Out to Play!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Good Morning Lovelies!

I am so excited that the Maya Majiks are finally ready to come out and play! Its been six long months of work to get them ready. I have been asking them what they want to be and they have been happily sharing their vision with me. And now, finally, the cards and I are ready to share all that loveliness with YOU!

The cards were all inspired by life in modern Maya villages, the Tzolkin calendar, Maya legends, gods and goddesses, elemental beings, sacred places and natural wonders, and energies from the four winds and the center, who is the world tree, Yaxche! Wow! So much fun!

So put on your flowered intuitive glasses, take a long breath in and breathe it out again. Relax down to your toes and then "see" which card would like to play with you today. After you choose, scroll down and see who wants to work with you. You will find all the card faces and their meanings below. Enjoy and have a marvelous, sunshiney day!

Chose a card, or 2 or 3 =)

Did you choose? Let's go take a look and see who wants to work with you today.


The Center and The World Tree

Representation: The World Tree or Ceiba

Color: Blue-Green

Energy: Balance

At the center is the axis of the world, the great ceiba tree. The roots of the tree reside in the Underworld, her trunk in the Middleworld and her branches in the Overworld. The souls of the dead and the supernaturals of the Maya Cosmos use the tree to move from level to level.

In the center, where the World Tree stretches herself from the below to the above, all things come together. There is a saying, “as the sky, so is the earth.” Yaxche, the center, is vital. You must find Yaxche because without her you become unbalanced and out of rhythm with the world. Without Yaxche, you cannot live in harmony with the earth, our galaxy, and the Universe.

Ritual: To receive balance and ask all four spirits of the cardinal directions to work with you, you will need all four colors (red, white, black or blue, yellow) and the color of Yaxche, which is blue-green. Place something red and a candle toward the east, something white and a candle toward the north, something black or blue and a candle toward the west, something yellow and a candle toward the south and something blue-green and a candle in the center. (NOTE: the Maya use candles in these colors and it would be super cool if you could do the same) Then stand in the center and ask the spirits of the four directions to come to you. This brings balance. You partake of both beginnings and endings, both unity and duality, both clarity and change, both the future and the past, both increasing and diminishing. This is a powerful ritual and can be done as often as you like to bring balance into your life.


1 Unity

Key Words: Magnetic, Purpose, Attracting

Gift: Access the power of oneness and unity

Energy: Quiet, Rising

When the tone of Jun comes to you, she brings wholeness. Her power is still and quiet, stable and filled with possibilities and new beginnings. She holds all the energy of the enchanted wave at its birth. When she appears, all things are possible. Potential itself is her seed. She invites you to look within and identify your center, your core. Go back to your beginning. Who were you when you were six? What did you love? What lit up your world? The tone of Jun reveals your life purpose, the one you wish to create, the one that was born into you and resonates with you in clear truth. She helps you identify your path and then she enables you to become magnetic, attracting everything you need to facilitate your journey. She brings like-minded people into your circle, magical synchronicities, and opportunities for exponential growth along with all the physical resources you need.

Jun helps you become your truest self again, putting all the fractured pieces of your SELF back together. She brings peace, stability, and a renewed zest for life. You will find yourself breathing deeply with relief as a feeling of centeredness and wholeness once again floods your being.


The Sun

Key Words: Illumination, Growth

Animal: Conch

Direction: South

Color: Yellow

Element: Earth

Energy: Harvest, Endings

Energetic Places: Beach front, Solar light, Sunrise, Sunset

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

The sun has come. Ahaw brings lovely light and warmth. He brings growth, illumination, and understanding. He is The Walker, the One who travels through the sky in a great circle, the One who is master of the natural world, who brings fearlessness, delivers justice, and opens the portal between worlds. When Ajaw comes to you, he brings the blessings of the ancestors, courage, and strength. He weaves his sunlight into the fabric of your reality and lights your path, bestowing knowledge and bringing clarity to things that were clouded and obscure. He fosters growth in your personal life, your relationships, and your community. Open yourself to his warmth, his peace, and his unfailing encouragement. He is the sun, Happiness, joy, and fulfillment follow as he makes his way through the sky, ever circling, ever returning, ever shining.

Today is a good day to:

  • Speak to and ask advice from your ancestors

  • Be patient and grateful

  • Work on building projects and your home

  • Face things that scare you

How fun! I hope you made a cool connection with the cards today and that you are encouraged! If you want to KNOW MORE about the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards or purchase a deck, go here

Sending You Sunshine,


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