• Laura LaBrie

Simple Life in The Jungle

Updated: Sep 7

This is Esteben. He was so happy to show us an egg laid by one of his chickens. He told us he gets two eggs a day, perfect for breakfast!

Esteben lives in the jungle about 2 hours south of Cancun. There is a fantastically beautiful cave beneath the ground that provides an endless supply of fresh water.

Uku Cuzam Cave

His father visits occasionally, but for the most part, he lives in the jungle in a very simple house with his two dogs, six chickens, and a handful of pidgeons including a baby and a brand new egg!

Esteben's simple home in the jungle

baby pigeon and pigeon egg

He was thrilled to show us plants he is growing including habanero peppers, Maya peppers which were VERY hot (He didn't know another name for these), green onions, lemon grass, aloe, passion fruit on a long beautiful vine, and tiny chili piquin peppers. Max even said the peppers were hot and he eats EVERYTHING that's hot!

He was thrilled to show us fruit trees like tamarind, lime, orange, and zapote that were scattered across his property and he gave us tiny mandarin oranges to sample.

I am really happy we are getting to know Esteben better. He is a happy soul living a beautifully simple life in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsulia!

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