Pirates and Ocean Wanderings and 3 Cards to Choose From!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

A piece of old bubble glass from an real shipwreck, a couple of tiny shells, or a chunk of coral that washed up on the shore. Which card with which ocean treasure is calling you today?

I spent the day at the beach yesterday. Its been months since I have been able to get my body back in the glorious turquoise bath. It was so clear, so rolling, and so full of fish! Big fish! Several huge needle fish--as long as big baracuda, a beautiful silver permit, and a couple of jacks so big that my daughter thought they were sharks came by!

I love the sea. It's definitely my happy place. I live on the Caribbean and the second largest reef in the world is just outside my door. Of course, that makes for all sort of wonderful adventures! Including hearing stories about pirate ships! Oh my...now I am going to have to write up the story of the black fist and the seer from New Orleans for you! (Watch for that one, coming soon!) The glass above the first card IS from a real ship wreck right here along the Riviera Maya coast. Its leaded glass and you can see the bubbles in it. And the man who found it told me a very exciting story about a cursed item that he and his buddies found...

I didn't mean to leave you hanging out the shipwreck story. It just came out that way. But I do promise to write it up and share it with you in my next blog post!

In the mean time, did you pick a card? Let go have a look and see who wants to work with you today. If you want to find out more about the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards go here


The Between

You have come to the mangroves today. You find yourself sitting in a little boat so low and close to the water that you can touch it. You reach out and dip your fingers into the liquid coolness. On both sides of you, just a short distance away, are the thick roots of the mangrove trees. They, too, dip their fingers into the waters where they anchor themselves, creating a barrier in The Between. They stretch their arms together over your head, creating a gentle passage for your small boat. Small fish dart in and out between the woody roots. You drift along on the almost imperceptible current, mesmerized by the playful antics of the colorful sergeant majors and angelfish in the clear water. Beneath you, the silty, soft sand is white. It is rich with healing minerals and paints the clear waters in hues of translucent turquoise and pale green. Land is not far away, and the water is very shallow, but it would be impossible for you to navigate by foot through the dense forest of roots and leaves and branches that have grown up in The Between. But no matter, you are content to be right where you are.

You float. You pause. You breathe.

There is no need to do. Simply to be. You are in a resting place, a place where life is birthed, protected, and hidden. A place where all that is needed is given. A place where all is calm and serene.

You are in The Mangrove.


6 Flow

Key Words: Rhythmic, Organize, Balancing

Gift: The power to move forward

Energy: Flowing, Balanced

Wak comes bringing the music of the river to you. She woos you into its rhythm, setting your body moving as you align with her. Like a siren, she captivates you with her song, enticing you to move forward, to step into the flow. All things begin to fall into place, and you feel the energy of universal organization. Everything makes sense. You know what direction you are going, and you know how to get there. It is like life’s puzzle pieces are all coming together. Your forward momentum causes your vision to crystalize. Gaining speed brings you balance. Do you remember learning to ride a bicycle? The faster you go, the easier it is to find your balance. It’s the same with getting into the flow of Wak. As you relax and allow the river to take you, all the details seem to take on a life of their own. They organize themselves almost effortlessly. You are moving forward now, with confidence and with joy.

A key to staying within the energy of Wak is to just let go. You may find you have a tendency to want to control things and the energy of flow makes you a bit nervous. This is a time to trust. You have laid a solid foundation and now you can let go and trust the energy of Wak. She is an expert at moving forward. The course has been set and she invites you to step into the river, release your grip on the riverbank, and enjoy the ride!


Keeper of the Earth

His home is amid the strangler figs and banyans that dig their roots into the limestone-laden earth. You may find him posing as a rock or tree stump but be sure that he is watching as you move through his domain. He is guardian of the earth where the soil is thin and the karst is filled with holes that give way to the water under the earth and the rain dips, dips, dips into tiny crevices leaving stalactites in its wake.

He is taller and wider in girth than Alux. Broader and more stout is his bearing. He is a creature of Earth. He moves the rocks when it pleases him. He holds their dense and grounding energy is his stalwart hands. Though hurricanes sweep through the jungles, threatening life and uprooting anything that gives way, he holds the foundation. His body is thick, and his arms are muscled for his task. It is the Gnome who holds the stones in their place and secures the pillars of the planet.

If you are building, it is his permission you should seek, for he both blesses you and allows you space to create structures on this great orb. He is the keeper of the foundations.

What type of structure are you building? It may be physical or intellectual. It may even be relational or spiritual. Ask Gnome for help in creating a solid foundation. For it is his to grant. Are you feeling a need to be more grounded? Ask him for the gift of a small stone to hold in your hand. For the stones are his and grounding is his domain. And if you come with reverence for the Earth and her generous foundations, he will provide the bedrock and sure footings for which you ask.

WOW! What a great showing today! I love how the cards always have a message for me. What did they say to you today? I hope it was something lovely and encouraging!

If you want to know more about the Maya Majiks Cards, you can see more cards and learn about them here

Have a lovey, sunshiney, turquoise ocean watery day!


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