Oracle Cards & The Darkness Before the Dawn

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Hola, Lovelies, from sunny, magical Mexico!

Today is 2 Ak'bal on the Maya Tzolkin Calendar. It is the darkness right before the dawn. A day to focus on hope, seeing things from a new perspective, and finding answers to things that have been hidden.

let's break it down a bit. The number 2 is all about duality. Its a good day to notice the balance in everything. In order to function in wholness, we need to find balance. We need both the day and the night, heat and cold, time for sleeping and for waking. The number 2 is also a gental day with calm and peaceful energy like the gentle swelling of the ocean on a tranquil day.

And Ak'bal is the night. It is the darkest part of the night and I am sure that must resonate with some of you right now. But be hopeful, because Ak'bal's energy is all about the coming dawn. Its the moment right before the first light peeks above the horizon. It is also about bringing things to light. So, if there are answers you have been looking for, today is a day to be open to recieve those answers =)

So, here are three cards from the Maya Majiks Oracle Deck. For fun and some encouragment, chose a card, whichever one speaks to you, or two or even all three. Then just scroll down and you will find the meanings of all three cards revealed. Just a little note . . . something amazing happened when I drew the cards for you today! Read below to find out what!

Have a lovely, spring, flowery day,


Did you remember to choose? Scroll down to find out which card you picked. Below the photo, you will find the meansing for all three cards. Enjoy!

You are probably not going to believe me, but I shuffled and drew cards with no pre-planning. In other words, today is Ak'bal and the cards decided we needed to learn more about the energy of Ak'bal by letting this lovely card come out to play! I really really really did NOT put him there on purpose. How cool is that!

Ak'bal: Night

Key Words: Finding Answers Within, Darkness Before the Dawn, Night

Animal: Bat

Direction: West

Color: Blue

Element: Water

Energy: Duality, Change

Energetic Places: Caves, Valleys, Dawn, Dusk

Gemstone: Obsidian

Ak’bal is the Night House, the darkest time right before the dawn. When Ak’bal comes, she brings access to the underworld. Ask her to bring light into places that have long been dark. She reveals things that have been hidden, unlocks secrets, and brings light to uncover the underlying causes of problems. She helps you get to the heart of things. She will protect you from lies and hidden agendas. She reveals the motivations, thoughts, and emotions of others, giving you power to see into the hearts of those around you.

Ak’bal also brings to light matters of the heart. She revels in revealing hidden love. If you secretly love someone, her energy is now here to help you express your feelings. And if someone is secretly in love with you, you can expect them to declare how they are feeling.

Today is a good day to:

  • Light a fire at sunrise or sunset

  • Ask for revelation of hidden things

Kukulkan: Feathered Serpent

Kukulkan is a god of immense power. He sits upon the Tree of The Four Winds and calls all the energies to himself: fire, air, water, and earth. He is the master of them all. Nothing is impossible with Kukulkan and when he comes to you, be assured that you are surrounded by amazing good luck and powerful good fortune. He wields the storms and gathers the clouds around the sun at mid-day igniting their lightnings and calling forth their thunders.

When Kukulkan visits you, revelation will come to you, for he is the Vision Serpent, the one who causes the rise and fall of civilizations, the one who walks on water and carries the burning torches in his hand. Ask him for what you need, for now all is open to you. He will guide you and grant you the power to create and to fulfill that which you desire for he is the god of creation, the one who breathes the winds from his mouth and guides the sun through the Underworld that it might find each new morning with surety and precision.

Nothing is impossible when Kukulkan, the god of the heavens, comes to you. The time is now to manifest what you wish. All provision is yours for he is the great planter of corn. All your endeavors will be blessed for he is the carrier of tools. All your journeys will be successful for he is the one who continues his journey, forever coming and going, forever cycling through both leaving and returning.

Now, dear one, is the time to ask, with humility, for whatever your heart desires. For now, the great god, Kukulkan, has come to grant you whatever it is that you wish!

Lak’in: Beginnings from the East

Element: Fire

Color: Red

Season: Spring

Energy: Unity, Beginning, The Future

As the wind blows to you from the east, it brings the energy of both unity and new beginnings. Lak’in is the sunrise, red and fiery. Warmth is coming. The light is rosy and full of hope. It is growing, increasing in its bright promise of a new day. Within the sunrise lies all potential. All things are possible. This is a time of fresh new beginnings. It is a time to look toward the future. It is a time to start new projects, build new relationships, see life from a fresh perspective, and dream up new ideas. Lak’in also invites you to remember that everything is connected. All is one. You are part of the whole. The entire Universe is one seamless, vibrating, glorious entity of energy and you are saturated with it. All is in you and you are in everything. You are never alone. It is impossible to be alone. The energy of Lak’in brings the lovely awareness that everything is one.

Ritual: To ask Lak’in to work with you, gather something red, something that reminds you of fire, something that reminds you of springtime, and a candle (red is best). Face east. Place the candle and your treasures on the ground in front of you. Light the candle and, with your attention toward the place where the sun rises, ask Lak’in to come. Ask her to bring with her blessings for new beginnings and unity. You can say this in any way that comes to you and you can include specific things you would like to apply the energy to, things you desire to begin anew, and things you would like to bring unity to. Then, express thanks to Lak’in, the wind that blows from the east.

If you would like to know more about the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards GO HERE. You will find a bit of the story behind them and a place to order your very own set or 74 cards along with the 94 page guide book. Enjoy!

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