Lesson 1: The Basics, Maya Majiks Oracle Cards

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

First, you might be wondering what oracle cards are.

Oracle Cards are simply decks of cards that are used to provide insight into what is going on in your life and encourage you. This deck has 74 cards broken into 7 suits. They are based on the wisdom of the Maya people and are meant to encourage you! The simplest way to use them is to draw a card, then look up the meaning in the guide-book. There are NO NEGATIVE CARDS. So, there is no need to be afraid of what you might pick. Everything is positive and designed to bring wholeness and balance into your life. (Note: Here is the link for the video to help expand your basic understanding of the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards.)

These are not tarot cards.

The Maya Majiks Cards are not tarot cards. Tarot cards decks follow a set pattern and generally, all the decks have the same meanings. Oracle cards don’t follow a set pattern and have whatever meanings the designers assign to them. These oracle cards are focused on the wisdom of the Maya people. Other oracle decks might be focused on Celtic gods, or magical animals, or fairy tales, or any manner of interesting things! While tarot cards are usually read in “spreads” where groups of cards are laid out on the table, often oracle cards are read alone, just one card at a time. You don’t need any special cards to read oracle cards. In their simplest form, you just pull a card and read in the guide-books to see what it means. However, for the more adventurous oracle card readers, there are ways to draw several cards together to tell a story. I am going to be doing a lot of teaching about fun and intuitive ways to do that!

Here is a video with more info on the basic way to understand and use the cards. Enjoy! You can subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for lessons of the cards along with adventures here in Mysterious Mexico!

So, what are some of the basics specific to the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards?

There are 7 “suits” and they are as follows:

  • The Nawales Day Gods

  • The Magical Wave

  • The 5 directions

  • Elemental Beings

  • Gods, Goddesses & Legends

  • Sacred Places

  • Sacred Living

Not all the suits have the same amounts of cards. For example: The Nawales Day Gods have 20 cards but the Elemental Beings only have 4. They were grouped together in “suits” to help you better understand them AND to help you do fun spreads by separating the suits into piles and drawing cards from different suits (more on that in another lesson!)

So, how does having 7 different suits help you learn something?

This is where it starts to get fun!

Each suit is group of things that go together. Let’s start with the Nawales Day Gods since that is the first suit in the deck. There are 20 cards in this suit (Nawales for short) The word Nawal means “day god” in Yucatec Mayan. These gods govern the days in the Maya Tzolkin Calendar. There are 20 different days (like we have 7 days of the week) and 20 gods. The day and the god have the same name so there is no confusion! Each day has a different energy, and that energy is a reflection of the god. That energy dictates what activities will be most effective on that day! So, you could say that each day has a specific energy that is good for something people do in their day-to-day living. For example: Kawak is a good day to ask for rain, Imix is a good day to cleanse yourself from negative energy, and B’en is a good day to follow your intuition and pay attention to your dreams, and Eb’ is a good day to travel. On the bottom of each of the Nawales cards, you will find a small list of good things to do on that day. How cool is that!

So, as you are playing with the Nawales suit, you will be reading and re-reading the names of the days on the Maya calendar . . . IN MAYAN! You will be learning a little of the language AND what the names of the days/gods are, AND learning a little about those days/gods, AND learning what the energy for each day is appropriate for. WOW…that is a lot of interesting stuff. And you are learning it painlessly (Oops, maybe I should not have told you that you would be learning something! LOL)

There will be easy and fun lessons about each of the different suits on the Oracle Cards blog. You can search with the search bar to find out more about whatever you are looking for. Maybe you are wondering what Elemental Beings are or you want to know more about what the Energy Wave is and how to use it!

Keep in mind that everything in the Maya Majiks Oracle cards was inspired by real teachings of the modern Yucatec Maya people. There is amazing wisdom to be gained and there are many mysterious secrets to be uncovered. Much of the information came from village story tellers and local healers, shamans, and priests. Also, don’t forget grandma’s wisdom, which is just as important as that of the local healer!

So stay tuned for LOTS of fun information to enrich your time with the cards and help you on your way to feeling a bit more balanced and learning how to really plug into and enjoy life in the moment, connected to your world, yourself, and the supernatural.

For more information on understanding the basics on the Maya Majiks Oracles Cards, or if you just prefer to watch videos instead of reading atircle, here is a link to a fun little video for you. Enjoy!

Peace and Enlightenment,


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