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Ok, The Dog: The One who Guides

Ok (oc) is the dog who guides the night sun through the underworld.

Can you feel the stirring of wild energies today? We are cresting the wave of this trecena and today is a 10. Each 13 day month is like a wave. It’s energy beings low and soft and grows until it reaches a balanced high-point around the numbers of 6,7, and 8. Think of it like a wave in the ocean, not a sound wave or a wave you might draw that relates to mathematics. This is a wave that crests, and then breaks, and then crashes onto the shore. By nine the wave is cresting, white foam beginning to show. By ten (today) it has risen to full height and is roaring toward the shore, a wave to ride, to surf in exhilaration . . . and then to escape as by 12 and 13 it crashes onto the sand, its power uncontrollable, dangerous, and wild.

Today is a ten. Can you feel yourself surfing the energies, riding the crest of the wave in giddy delight but also with a bit of nervous excitement as you know what is coming-- the wildness, the un-tame-ability? What is the energy that is cresting today? Is it the energy of OK, the Dog, the one who guides the night sun through the underworld? Or is it the energy of this trecena, Imix, the crocodile? Can you see his tail whip through the water, churning up lily pads and causing havoc in the shallow, watery undergrowth of the marsh? Can you feel his instability? Yes, Crocodile is about new beginnings, which we have been working with for the last ten days, but those new beginnings are a bit unstable, aren’t they?

It all good. But it is important to understand the days energy so you can work with it, or surf it, or in some cases, get out of its way.

Ok, the Dog, is the Nawal (day god) of material and spiritual justice. He is a guide that brings us through the night and out into the light (similar to several other day gods like Kimi, the god of death and Akb’al, the god of the Night) His day is a day to both give and receive justice. It is a day to seek and find or to be the giver of wise counsel. His day is a day you can look for a find hidden truths, but beware, because the number is high and the trecena is one of instability as well as new beginnings. Ground yourself as you look for truth today. Because truth will come to you, but it might be unexpected. That does not means negative, it just means unexpected.

Ok is your friend, your guide, the representation of fidelity, so he is here to help. But keep in mind that the help we receive can sometimes take on a life of its own, be a bit on the wild side. Are you ready to ride the wave today? It will bring justice. It will bring wisdom. It will bring the guidance you need. But it may bring all of that and more in an unpredictable way!

Today’s energy is decreasing because it is coming from the north. So, you can expect to be able to see a decrease in the energies that you would like to let go of. Keep in mind that this is a decreasing energy on a high energy day. So, what does that mean? Well, let me give you an example. Let’s say you work on releasing control in your workplace. Today being a ten means you will be able to let go of control much FASTER and have MUCH QUICKER RESULTS than on a day with the energy of a 2 or 3. Or let’s say you want to lose weight. Any plan you put in place today will have faster weight losing results that if you put it into place on a 2 or a 3. But keep in mind, if the energy is too high, it could mean you might end up losing too much weight. The Maya world is all about understanding balance. Today the energy is a bit riled up, so ride it carefully.


I feel like today would be a good day for a calming meditation to help balance the energy of 10 OK in the trecena of Crocodile.

I think we should keep it very simple. So, here is a link to listen to some beautiful water and bird sounds.

I suggest you play it and just close your eyes and quiet yourself and listen. Allow your imagination to paint a picture of sitting by a stream in the forest. Doing this for a few minutes will release the same feel good compounds in your body as if you were really there. When you finish your simple listening and imagining meditation, if you like, you can choose to allow the forest and water sounds to continue to play in the background as you go about your day today. It will help bring some balance to the high energy today.

So, go ahead and ask for or give justice today, or ask for or give wisdom today, or ask for answer to things that need some light shed on them. But before you do, make sure to settle your mind and emotions and come from a grounded place. Then expect results to come quickly and possibly be a bit unexpected.

In expectation of the wonderful unexpected,


To Sum Up:

10 Ok: The dog

The one who guides the night sun through the underworld

  • Animal: Dog

  • Direction: North

  • Energy: Decreasing

  • Color: White

  • Element: Air

  • Energetic Places: Anywhere in nature

  • A good day to: Ask for or give out justice, Ask for or dispense wisdom, Look for hidden truths.

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