• Laura LaBrie

Lesson 2: Real Magic in The Cards

Updated: Jul 8

How fun! This little video tells the stories behind a few of the Maya majiks Oracle Cards.

Why is that special? Because the cards are all real photos of sacred places and events, Maya homes and people, mysterious and amazing locations here on the Yucatan Peninsula.

We have been working and adventuring, connecting with local people and digging into the history, culture and stories of the Maya here for several years now. Of course, I take lots of photos and videos to document everything we are doing. (You can come with us, now, by the way!) To create the oracle cards, I used photos from our research and exploration and I put them in photoshop and made them look like oil paintings. So, each card holds the energy of its original photograph.

The card for pyramid is El Castillo, the great pyramid of Chichan Itza. The card for cenote is a beautiful photo of a person snorkeling in a crystal clear cenote. The card for mangrove was taken in the Sian ka'an Biosphere out in a little boat.

In this video, you will get to hear some of the stories about where the original photos were taken. have fun listening. Its interesting and fun and will help you more fully understand and feel the connection to sacred places and events that inspire the cards!

Want to know more? Lesson 1: The Basics will give you a through but easy overview of how to use the cards. Three Simple Oracle Card Spreads will show you some fun and easy way to ask specific questions you want answers to and teach you how to "read" the cards. Want to go on an adventure with us? JOIN US will tell you all about our crazy adventures and how you can come along for the ride!


Sending hugs and butterflies!


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