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Fall Equinox & The Deer God

The trecena (13 day month) of Manik, the Deer God, begins on Monday September 23, the fall equinox.

What a lovely energy to embrace as fall begins and the harvest is at our door. To the Maya, the deer is a magical creature. His four legs represent stability, balance, and support. They are the four corners of the earth and the four pillars that hold up the sky. So strong and stable is Manik, the Deer god, that he is considered the force that carries the destinies of humankind!

During the 13 days of Manik (sept 23- Oct 4), you can expect to feel supported in your journey toward balance. The energy coming to you during this time comes from the west (the Maya see each cardinal direction as having a specific energy), which is the direction of duality and making adjustments. This is a perfect match for this time. The very idea of balance means that there are two opposing sides (duality) and to bring balance, you will need to make adjustments, however small or large they might be. And all this is happening on the fall equinox! This is the most MIDDLE day of the year!

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So, as the days change and each different day god takes the stage during the 13 day trecena of Manik, you will notice them all colored by the stability of The Deer god. That stability is the overriding energy of the entire trecena. You probably will notice that the first day of the trecena of Manik is Manik. Don't be confused. (OK, you can be confused, cause its a bit confusing) Each 13 day cycle is named after the day it starts on. So, Manik starts on Manik and Lamat starts on Lamat and Ak'b'al starts on Ak'b'al. I hope that helps clear things up a bit!

As you look over the list of the first seven days of Manik below (We are taking it one week at a time!), take note of the focus of each day and consider how that might be affected by the energy of stability. What form would “planting a seed” take when it is held in the energy of balance and stability? Or what will “creativity” look like under that same stable, balancing energy?

The numbers before each day name tell us about the wave of energy we are riding through this period. It starts small with 1 Manik and increases to 7 B’en making this a gentle week of slowly increasing energy that provides the stable ground you need to first feel supported, then plant a seed, give thanks, receive guidance, be creative, receive direction or travel, and finally reap a successful harvest.

Here are the first seven days of Manik:

(Monday) 1 Manik the Deer: Feel Stable and Supported

A good day to spend time in nature.

  • Direction: West

  • Energy: Dual, adjusting

  • Color: Black or dark blue

  • Element: Water

  • Energetic Places: Forests, woodlands, mountains

(Tuesday) 2 Lamat the Seed: Plant a Seed

A great day for starting something new, be it a business idea, a friendship, planting flowers, or even making a new baby! Lamat is also a good day for star gazing and contemplating the universe.

  • Direction: South

  • Energy: Increasing and harvest

  • Color: Yellow

  • Element: Water

  • Energetic Places: forests, rivers, lakes, highlands

(Wednesday) 3 Muluk the Water: Give Thanks

A good day to give offerings to the earth and show thankfulness

  • Direction: East

  • Energy: Beginnings and unity

  • Color: Red

  • Element: Earth

  • Energetic places: The beach, big rocks

(Thursday) 4 Ok the Dog: Receive Guidance

A good day for giving or receiving guidance and looking for hidden truths

  • Direction: North

  • Energy: Decreasing

  • Color: White

  • Element: Air

  • Energetic Places: Outside, windy places

(Friday) 5 Chuwen the Monkey: Be Creative

A good day to exercise your creativity, start a new building project, business project, or creative adventure.

  • Direction: West

  • Energy: Dual, adjusting

  • Color: Black/dark blue

  • Element: Water

  • Energetic Places: forests, lakes, night skies

(Saturday) 6 Eb the Path: Receive Direction and Travel

A good day to travel or to give or received direction regarding your path in life or destiny.

  • Direction: South

  • Energy: Increasing

  • Color: Yellow

  • Element: Fire

  • Energetic Places: Mountains, cold forests, rivers

(Sunday) 7 Ben the Corn: Reap a Harvest & Enjoy Success

A very special day! The day of the staff of virtues of divine power. The seven virtues are directions! North, south, East, West, heart of earth, heart of sky, and center. This is a day of success and triumph! It’s a great day to listen to your intuition and follow your dreams.

  • Direction: East

  • Energy: Beginnings, unity

  • Color: Red

  • Element: Earth

  • Energetic Places: Beaches and warm forests

You can use the list here to help plan your week. If you have some traveling to do, then according to the Tzolk’in Calendar, Saturday, which is 6 Eb The Path, would be the best day to plan your trip. If you have a creative project you want to work on, plan to make some headway on it on Friday which is 5 Chuwen the day of the Monkey.

If you would like to work more intensely with the over-riding energy of Manik during this week and really internalize the stable, balanced energy of the Deer, here is a ritual and some helpful tips:

Energetic places during this time are forests and woodlands, especially in the mountains. This is a good week to plan an outing that takes you into the woods. Or if you have some wooded area close by, try to spend a little time out there each day if you can. You will find it cleansing and stabilizing. Below you will find little ritual you can do, either at home, or in the woods if you choose. The woods are home to the deer, so the energy there will be powerful this week.

The direction of Manik is west. Each of the four cardinal directions brings an energy with it and the energy of the west is that of duality and making adjustments. That means that this entire period has great energy for making adjustments and seeing both sides of things. All of this will help you to embrace balance. Think of what it feels like to stand in the middle of a teeter-totter. To get the teeter-totter to balance, you need to keep making little adjustments with your weight until both sides have the same weight and the teeter-totter balances. Keep looking at both sides of what you are dealing with this week and making little adjustments until you feel balance come.

The color associated with Manik is grounding, classic black. So, consider adding some black to your wardrobe for the next 13 days to help you embrace the energy of the Deer. It will give you visual cues to help you feel stable and remind you to seek balance during this time.


For this ritual, you are going to face west so you can take in the energy of Manik, which comes from the west. No need to get a compass, just estimate where the sun sets.

You can do this at home in a quiet place or, better yet, outside, especially where there is a stand of trees or even out in the woods.

You will need a candle (use one in a glass jar if you are going to be outside) and some pretty black or dark blue trinkets. These can be stones, gems, small things you have collected from nature, or other black or dark blue things that mean something to you.

Face west and put the candle in front of you. Place the item or items that are black or navy around the candle. You can be sitting or standing for this. Whichever works better for you.

Light the candle and as you do, welcome the energy that comes from the west. You can say,

“Energy from the west, I welcome you. Thank you for helping me to see things from both sides of the story and for helping me make the adjustments I need to become more balanced.”

Then just continue to face west for a few more moments, breathing gently and picturing that lovely, balancing energy coming to you.

When you fell you are finished, simply say thank you and blow out the candle.

The Maya use similar rituals on a regular basis. Directional energy is considered very important. They even have different colored candles representing the different directions. Red for east, white for north, black or dark blue for west, yellow for south, and green or blue-green for center.

If you like, you can use a black or dark blue candle for the above ritual. You can also do it as many times during this trecena as you feel led to do it. The more you consciously focus on embracing the balance and stability of Manik and the duality and adjusting energy of the west which helps facilitate that balance, the more you will find yourself gently embracing balance and the more peace will find you!

Note: If you would like that tarot reading, you can message me here. Its $10 for a three card reading that will give you some good insight on how you can bring balance into your life right now!

Embracing balance,


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