Buddha & A Bottle of Sacred Water: Choose a Card and See What the Oracles Have to Say!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Now, I know you might be saying...."What???? Buddha and a plastic water bottle?"

So, let me explain.

The stone is a piece of quartz I got here at a tiny little shop in Puerto Morelos. I love it and keep it with my Maya Majiks Cards. But what about the statue, he dosn't look very Mayan. And a water bottle? Well, they are both treasures that are very much from the Maya and very dear to me.

Buddha was given to me by Francisco, my shaman friend. We were stopping by to say, "Hi" one day without calling to let him know we were coming. (We didnt have his phone number yet!) He "saw" us coming and prepared this with a blessing for us. How did he "see" us coming while we were still miles away? Well you will have to go read about the shaman stone!

And what about the water bottle? It is filled with water from deep in the sacred cave (and I mean deep, like a 40 minute walk in the cave to get there!). The adventure was breathtaking and difficult and the water is very sacred. it is still in the bottle I collected it in, with dust on top and a ribbon to remind me not to drink it! Here is a photo of the cave. It has 5,000 year old paintings and cannot be accessed without the help of a local guide! I admit, it was a bit scarey getting down the ladder, but the experience was well worth it!

So getting on to the card draw. Did you remember to choose? Let's see who wants to work with you today!

Mangrove: The Between

You have come to the mangroves today. You find yourself sitting in a little boat so low and close to the water that you can touch it. You reach out and dip your fingers into the liquid coolness. On both sides of you, just a short distance away, are the thick roots of the mangrove trees. They, too, dip their fingers into the waters where they anchor themselves, creating a barrier in The Between. They stretch their arms together over your head, creating a gentle passage for your small boat. Small fish dart in and out between the woody roots. You drift along on the almost imperceptible current, mesmerized by the playful antics of the colorful sergeant majors and angelfish in the clear water. Beneath you, the silty, soft sand is white. It is rich with healing minerals and paints the clear waters in hues of translucent turquoise and pale green. Land is not far away, and the water is very shallow, but it would be impossible for you to navigate by foot through the dense forest of roots and leaves and branches that have grown up in The Between. But no matter, you are content to be right where you are.

You float. You pause. You breathe.

There is no need to do. Simply to be. You are in a resting place, a place where life is birthed, protected, and hidden. A place where all that is needed is given. A place where all is calm and serene.

You are in The Mangrove.

Chuwen the Monkey

Key Words: The Great Craftsman, Creativity, Destiny, Continuity of Life

Animal: Monkey

Direction: West

Color: Blue

Element: Water

Energy: Duality, Change

Energetic Places: Forests, Lakes, Night skies

Gemstone: Aventurine

Chuwen is The Great Craftsman who measures out both the thread of time and the development of humans and nature. He connects the future path of your destiny with the past, ensuring the continuity of life through the ages.

When Chuwen comes, you will feel creative energy pulling you into something wonderful and new: a new business venture, a new building project, new friendships, or even a new romantic relationship or proposal for marriage. When you feel the energy of Chuwen, look not only forward, but also to the past, for your ancestors are here to help you. Follow the old ways and incorporate creative ways of connecting the old and the new. Be open to receiving advice from your elders, both those who are living and those who are lovingly watching from the great cloud of witnesses. They are here for you!

Today is a good day to:

  • Start a building or creative project

  • Follow the ways of your ancestors

  • Make a commitment

Ooxlajun: 13 Ascension

Key Words: Synchronicity, Presence, Cosmic Wild Card

Gift: The power of transcendence

Energy: Transcending, Ending

The song of Ooxlajun comes to you out of the mist. Her haunting song is one of untold and ancient wisdom that can only be understood by experiencing. She is transcendence. She lifts you above the material realm. You walk in a higher reality, a higher vibration, a place where the impossible becomes possible and yet still unexpected, unplanned, and mysterious. Time and space bend. All your energy is excited and engaged as synchronicities unfold around you. The supernatural has become natural. Ooxlajun’s song is the song of the siren. She woos you. She enchants you and calls you into the deep, the place of your intuition, the place where mysteries are revealed and the mystical finds itself at your fingertips.

Ooxlajun is the energy of the cosmic wild card. The card that can become anything. The card that changes the entire game. As wonderful as manifestation may be, you have now transcended it. You have ascended to a place where you experience things beyond this realm. You are not in control. You have released what you were gripping so tightly. You are in awe, in a state of wonder. The Cosmic Presence of love fills you. You are in the moment, but not of it. Things that used to matter fade away. Peace comes, transcendent peace that passes understanding. All is one. All is Love. You are in all. All is in you. You understand your connection to everything. Beauty overwhelms you.

Well, I know those cards really resonated with me! I hope they did with you too and I believe the Universe is speaking to you today...listen for that still, small voice, trust it, and follow it. You won't be dissapointed!

HUGS and have a lovey day!