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9 Muluk: Water & the Moon

A day ruled by the divine feminine.

The Divine feminine is strong today. It is a day of both water and the moon.

The flowing of water represents the flowing and depth of intuition, of seeing past the surface to what lies beneath. And the moon also, represents feminine energy and intuition. Again, it is about seeing things illuminated by second sight.

There are several other factors that reinforce all this lovely divine energy today. The first is that we are still in the trecena of Imix, the Crocodile, a water creature that stirs up the deep. And second, in Maya astrology, odd numbers are considered to hold feminine energy while even numbers are considered masculine. And today is the trecena (13 day month) of Imix, which is a 1 because it is the beginning of the entire cycle AND it is the 9th day of Imix the crocodile. So, both the month and the day area odd numbers AND both the month and the day are water entities. PLUS, not only do we have a crocodile, but today, Muluk, holds the energy of water creatures too, in particular, the shark!

Wow…water, water everywhere and a significant dose of the Divine feminine too!

So, what does that mean for you?

It means to embrace those characteristics of feminine quality. Focus on your intuition today. You will find it a powerful guide. Also, allow feminine strength to flow in your activities today. That is a strength that exerts its power not by force, but by subtle wisdom and compassion. As you are able, help those around you in order that you might reduce suffering on the earth today. This is an important value in Maya culture, working together that we all might reduce suffering, both of people and of all nature and of the earth herself. So, be aware of your connection to Mother Earth today. Thank her for sustenance and support and bring her offerings.

Today’s direction is east with the energy of Unity. This reinforces the divine feminine working as one with others to bring peace. How can you work with your intuition today to bring peace? Allow the quiet deep feelings within you to be a source of strength to align you with the intuitive power of both the water and the moon. Don’t worry about what you see. Focus on what you feel. Answers are there for you and solutions to problems are available. These solutions will promote unity and peace in all things, both in your relationships with humankind and with nature herself.


This is traditionally a day to bring offerings to the earth. A good way to do that is to make a small offering of food and give it back to the earth as a thank offering for all we have been provided with. Often gifts of corn, tequila, or tobacco are given back to the earth. What do you enjoy that you can give back? A little wine? A dusting of raw cacao powder or spices that you love and cook with often? Make it something that is all natural and clean.

You know, ritual is simple and should be part of our lives every day. There is definitely a time for elaborate ceremonies, but day to day we can connect with the earth, the energies, and those whom we do not see though small acts that are simple and easy. Pour some wine onto the earth today or sprinkle some of your favorite spices on a stone in your back yard and say, “Thank you.” Doing little things like this everyday help keep us connected, thankful, and living in awareness. This is an important goal, to stay thankful and aware. In this way, we cause less harm on the earth and, in alignment with the Divine feminine energy, we work to reduce suffering.

In all love and humbleness,


To Sum Up:

9 Muluk: The Water & The Moon

A Day to Embrace Divine Feminine energy

Animal: Shark

Direction: East

Color: Red

Element: Water

Stone: Jade, an aspect of water deities

Energy: Beginnings and Unity

Energetic Places: Big rocks and the beach

A Good Day to: Embrace feminine energy, listen to your intuition, reduce suffering, and give offerings to the earth. 

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