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9 Kib: The Candle & Reconcillation

This is a day to light a candle and consider its flame. Warm, life giving, comforting, and illuminating, shining light into the darkness and creating an atmosphere of peace.

It’s a day to forgive and be forgiven, on every level--in relationships, in spirit, and in connection to the earth. The Maya believe that lack of responsibility, in other words, neglecting to do the good you know you should do, is cause for the need of forgiveness. So, today is a day of introspection, a day of evaluating one’s life. It is a day to stay home and make offerings in order to being back balance and prevent future pain caused by making mistakes, whether through intention or simple neglect.

There is a very strong sense of all things being one, and of the goal of working toward harmony with all with all things within the Maya culture. This includes having respect for all humans, regardless of position or stature, all animals, your ancestors who have gone on before you, the spirits of both earth and sky, and Mother Earth. Of course, we are not perfect beings and so we inevitably will make mistakes and cause pain. Today is a day to make amends for these mistakes and to give thanks to the earth and to the ancestors for all they give and do for us.

Today is also a day to repair brokenness in family relationships and to solve family problems. It is a day to avoid confrontation and to be patient and to ask for strength to live a clean life. It is a good day to reflect on and understand karma and to consider what fruit you have been nurturing with your actions, because what you sow, you will reap. If you act with kindness and compassion these things will come back to you, but if you act with bitterness and jealously, these things also will come back to you.

The Maya are very gentle people. I see them taking time to be considerate of others, to include others and share, to not react out of anger, and to live carefully on the earth. It truly is a beautiful thing.

Today’s number/tone is a 9, which is a building energy and asks for patience and control of energy. So that magnifies the energy of working to bring about karmic balance today.

The direction is south, that of the warm sun and wind which thaws our hard hearts. The color is yellow, one of warmth, vibrancy, and cheerfulness. And the animal is the bee, which gathers pollen to create a nectar that is so sweet and nourishing and filled with purification elements and is revered here on the Yucatan. In fact, the Maya bee creates one of the rarest and most expensive honeys on earth!

The energetic places associated with this day are caves, cenotes, streams, and the sea. The water here on the Yucatan is all beneath the surface of the earth. It runs through the caves where it is purified by limestone, and is exposed to the air where the ground gives way and open cenotes are created. And that water is a stream or river which eventually runs out to the sea. So, the energy of these energetic places is about flowing undercurrents, pureness, and water energy coming to light.

The glyph for today is a seashell which is fitting with all that water energy and the gem is smoky quartz which encourages us to look beyond the clouded surface and see what is inside.

People born on this day can be very curious and are meant to become spiritual guides.

I love how this all comes together to encourage gentleness and carefulness as we walk our paths on this earth.

To Sum Up:

9 Kib: The candle

A Day of Reconciliation

  • Animal: The Bee

  • Direction: South

  • Color: Yellow

  • Glyph: Seashell

  • Gem: Smoky Quartz

  • Energetic Places: Caves, cenotes, streams, and the sea

  • Focus on: Forgiving and asking forgiveness, healing relationships, especially within the family, being thankful to your ancestors who always guide you and the Mother Earth who gives you all good things, asking or strength to live a compassionate and careful life.

Meditation: You can listen to it on the recording below

Determine which direction is south.

Find a comfortable place and sit with your body facing south.

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a cave. The ceiling is high, high above your head and there is an opening up there that allows sunlight to stream in and surround you. Ancient, limestone stalactites drape in beautiful formations around you and your feet are planted on smooth rock near the edge of a shallow, crystal-clear underground pool.

The pool is part of a very long river that run through hundreds of miles of caves and flows almost without movement. In some places it is very deep, but at your feet it is shallow and clear with smooth, undulating stones at its bottom. In fact, it is so clear that it is almost like there is no water there at all.

You step into the water. It’s a little cooler than you expected, quite refreshing and a bit exhilarating. It feels silky and you know that its silkiness is a sure sign that it is full of health-promoting minerals. You stand still, just soaking in its freshness and allowing it to wash away your tiredness and stress.

You look to your left and notice that over there, the water gets deeper. Its slopes off steeply but is still incredibly clear and you can see boulders tumbled together at the bottom. Your eyes follow this underwater scene until you see the cave wall, curving down from over-head and dipping under the surface of the water. Just under the surface you are surprised to see a huge hole in the wall, a cave within a cave. It is dark. Light penetrates only its edge. It is where the water comes from. It is the opening to the underground river you are standing in. You look to your right trying to find a similar opening beneath the surface on the other side. And after a brief moment of scanning the cave, you see it, smaller than the first, but also dark and mysterious.

It dawns on you that you are not just standing in a cave pool, but rather in a very still underground river. It flows in from your left and out to your right. Your feel safe because you are standing in a very shallow spot, but you also sense the depth and vastness of the water-filled cave system. It is wholly unknowable. You don’t know where it comes from, but you imagine that eventually it runs out to the sea.

Now turn your focus inward, to your emotions. Focus for a brief moment on all the feelings of disappointment and regret that have built up within your over the past. You don’t need to hold onto them long enough to bring up any intense feelings, just become aware of them. Then look up to the sunlight streaming down from above. Feel its warmth inside the cool cave. Allow it to wash through you, catching all that disappointment and regret and washing it down through your body to you feet where it is then pulled from you and into the water. As it enters the water it turns into a purple cloud like someone poured purple paint into the stream. Let it go. Feel it dissolving into the mineral rich water, diluting and washing away, from left to right with the slow undercurrent of the vast slow-moving stream. As you stand there, all that purple paint which was your pain is drawn into the black cave opening under the water’s surface to your right. Within moments, it has disappeared completely, and the water is clear again.

Now step backwards, out of the water and stand there for a moment on the solid, smooth stone floor of the cave and allow your feet to dry. The sun is still streaming down from up above. Turn your face up to it and feel its warm light. Now you can open your eyes. Breathe in . . . and breathe out. You are free from your past, free and fresh and feeling invigorated and ready to move forward and enjoy your day.

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