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8 Lamat: The Growing Seed

September 4, 2019

This entire trecena (13 day month) is about new beginnings. Remember this is the trecena of crocodile which stirs things up and allows a place for new things to enter in. And Lamat is a day about planting seeds and about abundance. So that makes today a wonderful day to plant new ideas, new friendships or relationships, a new business, or bring some new flowers into your home. You can see on the glyph the symbol of four seeds. A LOT of fours seem to be popping up! After all, today is the 4th day of September.

There are four seeds in the Lamat symbol, and today is the 8th day of the trecena Crocodile and 8 is 2 fours! Eight is all about balance and so is the number four. Combine that with the four feet of the deer from yesterday and we find ourselves in a time that is bringing great balance while it also brings new beginnings AND abundance.

Abundance energy is also here today because the direction of Lamat is south and south is the energy of increasing! Wow!

So, what does that all mean for you?

It means that things you are beginning right now, the new projects, new studies, new friendship, new home, is also encompassing the energy of stability and abundance. WOW! Stable growth. Abundant harvest. Whatever it is you are beginning right now is something that holds potential for great success!

So, what does that mean in practical terms for today?

It means that this is a great time to water your garden, carefully tend your ideas, put time and effort into cultivating that new friendship. What is in your life right now that has only been there for a short time? Spend some time nurturing it today and you will end up with a grounded, stable, increasing, abundant harvest!

Today's Ritual:

Today is a great day to burn some candles. Find four candles and place them in a square, one to the east, one north, one west, and one south. Don’t worry about trying to find a compass, just gage which direction the sun comes up and use that as east.

Today’s color is yellow. So, find a yellow flower or ear of corn or fall fruit like a golden apple or pear or a yellow veggie like a yellow squash or yellow pepper and place it in the center of the candles. You are going to face south to do this, so make sure you can stand on the north side of your square and look toward the south.

Now light the candles in a counterclockwise direction starting with the candle on the east first. You are going to light them this way because the Maya believe that time, the universe, and all the planets move in a counterclockwise direction.

Once all the candles are lit, face south and concentrate on the energy of increase, and growth. Picture yourself receiving this energy. It is like the golden rays of the sun warming you and bringing life.

When you feel warm and happy inside, think of the things in your life that you desire to see increase. Then out loud, say thank you for them. For example,” Thank you that my new friendship is growing strong and healthy.” Or “Thank you that I am learning so much in this new area I am studying.”

When you finish, just blow out the candles. It’s that simple.

To Sum Up:

8 Lamat: The Growing Seed

A Day of new growth, stability, and abundance

  • Animal: The rabbit

  • Direction: South

  • Energy: Increasing

  • Color: Yellow

  • Energetic Places: Highlands, fields, gardens, and sunny places

  • A good day to: Water your garden, nurture new things, star gaze and apprecate the abundance of the universe.

Watering my flowers,


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