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6 Kimi: The Lord of Death & Sailing Away

Do not fear this day. Kimi, The Lord of Death, comes every 13 days according to the Tzolk’in calendar and it is all about transformation and change.

We talk a lot about how we want things to change, but in truth, we fear it. Often, we will stick with something unsatisfying, or even hurtful, in order to avoid change. Lord Kimi, The Lord of Death, brings both endings and beginnings. As one of the Lords of the Mayan underworld, Xibalba (shi-bal-ba), Kimi brings us through the darkness of the unknown and back out into the light again.

This morning I am chatting about ocean travel with a good friend. He sent me a video of an old ship from the 1700's and we were talking about the tremendous risk that sailors took when they boarded a ship to cross the ocean. They left comfort and family behind, not knowing if they would ever return, but with such a desire to see what lay beyond the horizon that they could not help but board the creaking wooden decks and hoist the huge sails to catch the winds of adventure! How exciting! How brave!

Are you willing to risk the darkness of transformation to see a new dawn?

Today holds the energy of the number 6 which is all about flow. If you allow change to come without resisting it, right now you can get into the energy of that flowing. The direction of Kimi, the Lord of Death, is north which is white and cool and brings a diminishing. What would you like to see diminish in your life? What are you ready to let go of?

Can you jump on board the Ship of Transformation in the flowing seas of change and let go of what you have been holding onto that has not been serving you?

This is a great day to commit to transformation and change because not only do you have the energies of flowing and letting go at your fingertips, but remember that this trecena is Imix, the Crocodile, and Imix is all about laying new foundations!

There is a boat sailing for new shores today. Agreeing to board it means letting go of things and embracing the flowing tides and winds of transformation and change. It means not knowing where you are for a little while, but that too is an adventure! And it means laying new foundations for growth and life. So, if you dare, come aboard and shove off into the seas of change. Yes, there is risk involved. But the truth is, change is going to come. It is going to sweep you off your feet because it is the one thing in life you CAN count on. Change is constant. No matter how you try, you cannot keep things from transforming into something new. So, after all, your choice is not really about whether or not to change, it is about whether or not to embrace it, take it by the wheel and direct it to where you really want to go!

Guided Meditation: Sailing Away

The Sum Up:

6 Kimi: The Lord of Death

The flowing energy of transformation and change

  • Animal: Owl

  • Direction: North

  • Energy: Diminishing

  • Color: White

  • Energetic Places: The Fireplace, Temples, Ceremonial Centers

  • A good day to: Ask for tranquility between your family and friends, both living and dead. Ask for the ability to make wise choices. Ask for and grant forgiveness. Remember the dead.

Sailing away,


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