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6 B'en: The Corn & The Staff of Divine Power

Today is a day of triumph, a day of overcoming. It is the day of the Staff of the Seven Virtues of Divine Power.

What are the 7 Virtues?

The first time I heard the 7 Virtues mentioned was by a sweet and humble man named Eliadoro. He was giving us a tour of several villages in the Zona Maya, an area that was never conquered by the Spanish and still has its own government and even its own time zone! It is a place where the old Maya ways are very much still honored. There were things we were welcomed to see while we were there and things we were forbidden access to. Eli talked about so many things and the 7 Virtues was one of them. But, he talked like he assumed we knew what they were and I imagined that he was talking about the seven cardinal virtues…. Boy was I wrong!

You see, we were talking about the stories of aluxob (plural for alux) stealing children and the goddess Xtabay taking young drunkards into the great ceiba tree and never bringing them back and I was asking why so many bad things seemed to happen in the jungle. Eli’s answer was quite enlightening.

He explained that Nature was simply defending herself. He said that our very presence here causes destruction to Her. Every step in the grass that we take kills both plants and animals. He explained that the Aluxob and Xtabay are elemental beings, conscious expressions of the Earth. The Alux is a manifestation of air and a guardian of the jungle and Xtabay is a manifestation and spirit of the great ceiba tree which connects the sky and the earth. He said that Once the Maya people were the masters of manifesting anything they wanted in creation, but that they abused their power and now, to make amends, they were charged with protecting Mother Earth.

Which brings us to the Staff of the Seven Virtues. The Virtues have nothing to do with human actions or ways of being. They are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, the Heart of the Sky, the Heart of the Earth, and the Center.

Everything that the Maya do is in conjunction with these seven parts of nature. They understand our place within creation and our commission to guard her. Even Adam and Eve were placed in a garden and instructed to tend it, or care for it. But they also understand the aliveness of these seven parts of creation. To the Maya, all of creation has consciousness and we, as humans, are to work with her. It is symbiotic relationship. We care for the earth and she cares for us.

So, what is today all about?

It is the corn, which is central to Maya culture in that it is the main food staple, given to us so we can flourish and grow. And it is the Rod of Virtues which is magic. It governs the corn, and all other parts of creation, with divine power. The rod is reminiscent of the corn stalk, or the sugar cane, or a reed, which grows straight and tall and symbolizes the spine in the human body. And the spine is the places of internal fire which moves and activated the secret powers which enable us to have dominion over all of creation.


This brings great responsibility. We must study to understand the workings of the universe (Hence, all the star gazing, the understanding of measurement, and time.) We must ask our ancestors for help, and we must teach the younger generation the things that we learn so that we might live here on this planet with wisdom and care.

So today is a good day to study and investigate things. It is a good day to follow your intuition and dreams. It is a good day to ask for rain which brings life and growth. And it is a good day to Ask the ancestors for help in teaching and care-taking.

It is also a good day to focus on your family, home, children, pets, and garden and to receive and be thankful for the way the earth provides us with all things we need to grow and flourish.

Do you see how it is all connected? We care for Mother Earth and She, in turn, cares for us. We walk carefully in understanding and we wield our innate, divine power carefully and responsibly.

So today is a day of magic, and a day of abundance. It is a six, which is the energy of flowing. Things are really moving along now. Its time to get in the flow and move with it. And it is still the month of Lamat, which is abundance, so the abundance of today is increased by the energy of this trecena (13 day month).

Today's color is Red (the color of fire) and the direction is east, the direction of the rising sun. And the animal associated with B’en is the Armadillo, an animal which wears his “spine” on the outside!


Stand still and straight, feet planted shoulder width apart. Breathe in and stand up taller feeling your spine extend. Now breathe out until your lungs are empty. Then breathe in again, fully, and as you do, envision an internal fire flowing from the base of your spine, up through your back, vertebra, by vertebra, and then out through the very top of your head. Breathe out and envision that fire flowing back down your spine and into your hips. You can do this three or four times if you like, but pause and breathe normally for a few seconds in between each time. (So, you don’t get dizzy!)

That fire is the Divine power within you to affect your world. Consider today how you might use it wisely and with great compassion.

To Sum Up:

6 B’en: The Rod of Divine Virtues & The Corn

A Day of triumph and power

  • Animal: Armadillo

  • Color: Red

  • Direction: East

  • Energetic places: Beaches and warm forests

  • Stone: Turquoise

  • Body Part: The Spine

  • Focus: Home and family, study and investigation, asking the ancestors for help in teaching and care-taking, asking for rain and growth, listening to your intuition and dreams

Tomorrow is 7 IX: The Jaguar, the Night Sun, and the Mother Goddess, Ixchel . . . more to come.

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