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5 Eb’ : The Path

“Curiouser and curiouser,” said Alice as she slipped down the rabbit hole . . .

The sac'be that connects El Castilo, the great Pyramid of Chichen Itza, to the sacred cenote

Well, today is 5 Eb’, the sacred path, the sac’be, the patron of travelers and the nawal (guardian/spirit-sign) of both roads and those who travel them.

And guess what I am doing today?

I am flying home, back to Mexico, back to the land of the Maya, back to the Yucatan with its sacred white roads (sac’be) that connect ancient cities and pyramids—Tulum, Coba, Ek Balam, and Chichen Itza among others—back to where this journey into the Tzolk’in first began.

I am flying south today, which is the lucky direction of Eb’, and as I do, I will be spending time on the plane and in the airport considering my own future and destiny, because that is one of the best things to do on this day. Today is a 5, the energy of Empowerment. It is a day of forward momentum, not just on your physical path, but on your path of destiny.

And I can’t believe I am going to tell you this, but there is also something very personal at work here. There is someone special I will see at the end of this journey. To me he is the jaguar and I have a silver bracelet with the Maya symbol of the jaguar inlaid in it in tiny forest-green malachite. I will be wearing that bracelet today and looking forward to seeing him again. And guess what today’s animal is ...of course, it’s the jaguar—the Maya tiger. And the sacred stone for today? Malachite.

While yesterday was a day to listen to the ancestors, today is a day that they are ready to listen to us. Today is a day you can ask for their help in all things, especially those related to your path in life, your destiny. So I will be asking my ancestors for guidance today as I travel back to the place I have chosen as home (with more than a little prompting from the Universe). I will be asking for guidance to help me walk in the path I was born for, the one that makes my heart sing. And you may want to do this today too.

Today is all about the sac’be. I have stood on the sacred road that leads from the ruins of Coba to those of the Spiritual Center of Chichen Itza. The path is white. It is covered in the dust of the limestone that pervades the area, the limestone that allows for the rain to seep through the earth and into the Underworld the Maya call Xibalaba, below. It is the white limestone that becomes the stalactites and stalagmites of the longest under-water cave system in the world. And it is the porousness of that very limestone that causes the ground to occasionally give way creating the sacred cenotes that allow us access into the dark and watery world below.

Where is your life path leading you? Are you on the path that makes YOUR heart sing? Do you feel things unfolding in a way that supports and teaches your spirit, your mind, and your body in the things you have come here for? Perhaps is a day you want to commit to make a change. It is never to late to shift the direction you are walking.

Today is also a day of rain and storms. Perhaps that is because it is the rain that brings life that we may journey on our path through it. And it is the rain that washes us clean, waters the earth, and fills the cave system below. Rivers are among the sacred places today. Rivers that come from the rain, rivers that on the Yucatan are found beneath the surface of the earth. They connect the upper world to the lower as the come to surface at the edge of the sea.

Today is about the journey. Do you understand the journey you are on? The journey is one that empowers you and endeavors to bring you to enlightenment. But the oath is not static, it is not the same for everyone.

For while the white path that runs through the jungles to ancient sacred places may be a real road for travelers and merchants, the energy, the power, of this day, Eb’, is that you might BECOME the path. And THAT path will not look like any other path, because that path will be fully and uniquely you.

To sum up. . .

5 Eb’: The Path

  • Significance: The Patron Day (Nawal) of Roads and Travelers

  • Animal: Jaguar

  • Direction: South

  • Color: Yellow

  • Stone: Malachite

  • Energetic Places: Rivers, Mountains, and Cold Forests

  • Good For: Asking for guidance and evaluating your life path, taking action related to moving forward on your path, and traveling.

Meditation for Today:

Stand with your feet in the grass, or in the shallow waters of a river, or stream. Or if you cannot do this physically, close your eyes and go there in your mind’s eye. Imagine the coolness of the damp grass or the trickling water on your feet. Feel your-self grounded--grounded and standing in the middle of a vast path, a white path covered in limestone dust. Imagine that path stretching out both behind you and in front of you. It represents both your past and your future. When you can feel the energy of the path beneath your feet, ask for guidance. Ask for direction. Ask because today the ancestors are ready to listen to your request. If you don’t like the path you are on, know that today you can change it. You are empowered today (the number 5) and you are walking in the energy of the month of Lamat, which is abundance. So, ask. Ask and open your heart to receive. Everything you need is available to you today to walk the path that fills your heart with joy and fulfills the destiny you came here for.

Tomorrow is 6 B’en: The Rod of Virtues of Divine Power & the Corn . . . more to come

In all humbleness and joy,


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