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5 Chikchan: The Feathered Sky Serpent & New Beginnings

September 1, 2019

The feathered sky serpent is the holder of justice, peace and truth—Chikchan is one of the framers and shapers of the universe, a bringer of life and rain to the people of the earth.

This is a day to put aside jealousy and anger. It is a day to rise above the petty arguments of humankind.

It is a 5, which is a day of rising energy and empowerment. It is also a day that is about laying new foundations for FOUR different! (Super powerful for new beginnings today)

Here are the reasons:

1. We are still in the trecena of Imix, the Crocodile. Imix is about laying foundations and nurturing things.

2. The direction for today is East which is the direction of the rising sun and also about new beginnings.

3. We are still in the energy of a new moon and that moon is a Black Supermoon (The tide was super high yesterday when we went out on the sailboat!)

4. Today is also the 1st of August, another new beginning!

<3 Today is a also a day to remember and embrace the power feminine energy, knowledge, and intuition.

So what does that all mean for you?

It means that it is a very powerful day to rise up, to lay aside the things that have held you down and rise into your full potential and embrace the empowerment to receive wisdom, the empowerment to receive justice, the empowerment to receive strength, and peace, and good health. And it means that this new beginning of empowerment in your life is not going to be one that is done by force, but rather by the gentle strength of the power of the feminine. This is not a battle you have to fight head on. You will not need to exert forceful strength in order to step into these things. Rather, you will step into them through the use of compassion, knowledge, and intuition.

What a lovely new beginning!

So, take a deep breath, dear one and let relief run through you. Stand up tall and know that gentleness is working its strength in you to bring about these things. Yes, you are strong, yes, you can step into empowerment today, but you do not have to fight for it. It is coming to you through a different way, a new way, a way of open-handed receiving, a way of following your heart, a way of listening to what your higher self is telling you. Everything you need is here for you and today you can embrace it without the fight.


The color of this day is red, that of the rising sun, the direction is east, and the energetic places include the beach, mountains, and the starry night. So, taking all of that into consideration, here is a simple ritual you can do to help focus on stepping into this new time of gentle, intuitive, empowerment.

Find east, the place where the sun rises, not east on a compass. If you live near the beach or in the mountains, it would be wonderful to do this outside. Another option is to wait and do it tonight under the night sky.

Find something red. A stone or gem, some flowers or food, or a bright silk scarf or something else with meaning to you and place it in front of you. It would even be nice to use a few things and add a candle if you like. I imagine a lit candle (a red one if you have it) surrounded by red flower petals, an apple or pomegranate, and a piece of red carnelian or jasper would be lovely!

Place the items toward the east and sit facing them and quiet yourself. Allow the energy of new beginnings to come to you from the east. Breathe in and out and absorb the energy of new beginnings. It comes from the east.

Wow….as I am writing this, my son who is in Japan (the land of the rising sun, East) is sending me photos of a new temple (that is painted RED) he found on a mountain side (one of today’s energetic places) with a beautiful waterfall (Chikchan is a bringer of water) and all these little red (today’s color again) peoplely looking offerings that were left there!

So, think now about what area of your life you are choosing to receive new empowerment in: Peace, strength, justice, wisdom, truth, health. Just envision what you need flowing to you and receive it. This is a day to receive what you need to break off the things that have held you back and start fresh so you can move forward!

When you are finished, say, “Thank you.”

To Sum Up:

5 Chikchan: The Feathered Sky Serpent

A Framer and Shaper of the Universe

  • Represents: Justice, Peace, and Truth

  • Animal: Snake

  • Direction: East

  • Energy: Beginnings, Unity

  • Color: Red

  • Energetic Places: Beaches, Mountains, Starry Night

  • A Good Day for: Being Empowered

Excited about new beginnings,


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