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4 K'an: The Net (Aug. 31, 2019)

Many of the Maya nahuales, or Day Gods, have several sides to them. K'an's principal forces are the seed and the net. Today it feels like we should be focusing on the net aspect. It is about catching things . . . like you catch fish with a fishing net, collecting things . . . like a butterfly net, making connections . . . like networking, and also about both putting pieces together and entanglement. Nets must be mended, that is the putting things together part. But they also are constantly getting tangled and are in need of being un-tangled.

It i also interesting that today is a 4. It is a growing energy and represents stability. K'an is one of the four gods in the Maya cosmo-vision that hold up the universe. That certainly would be all about stability! Four pillars, four corners, like four legs of a table or a chair. So the dual meaning of today being the energy of stability (4) and the Lord of this day K'an, also being about stability means this is a very stable day indeed!

So what do you need to catch, collect, network with, put together, or un-tangle that will help bring stability into your life?

I am sure there must be something coming to mind. Probably one of the things I mentioned in that first paragraph jumped out at you. Which one was it? Maybe networking with other people will help you in your business. Or maybe collecting some new information will help you solve a problem. Maybe that problem has left you feeling entangled and you really need to get free.

So, today's energy is from the south and it is all about increasing, growing and harvesting. That would mean that the stability that is coming to you as you network, or un-tanlge, or put some pieces together is going to bring growth and ultimately a harvest!

It's time to take action and allow that stability to come so you can benefit from the increase it is going to bring!

Wow...very cool.


Today's color is yellow and the direction is south. . . and the element is fire. So Find a candle, something yellow, like flowers, gemstone, or something else special to you that is yellow and then find the direction south.

Place the candle with your yellow items nearby and sit in front of it with your body facing south. Light the candle and just sit and gaze at it for a few moments, breathing in slowly and exhaling while relaxing and knowing that everything is going to be OK.

Now bring the "net" idea that resonated with you to mind and hold it there for a moment considering it. Envision what it will be like when that thing has come to pass. Then ask for help in taking action to put things in motion so that stability and growth can find its way to you!

Blow out the candle and say, "Thank you."

You know, very simple rituals can have very powerful effects. You can now let go and trust that things are going to fall into place for you. And when you see the opportunity to take action, go ahead and take it without hesitating. Your harvest is going to come!

To Sum Up

4 K'an: the Net

a day about catching, collecting, piecing together, networking, and un-tangling

  • Animal: Spider, the weaver of webs

  • Direction: South

  • Energy: Growing, harvest

  • Color: Yellow

  • Energetic Places: The sea and the jungle

  • Element: Fire

Happy mending,


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