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4 Chuwen: The Monkey & The Thread

It is just amazing how, no matter where I am, the energy of the Maya is there...

Well, I am in Virginia for a few days, and you won’t believe what I am visiting today. Today is ruled by the Maya god Chuwen who is considered the great craftsman, the patron of arts and knowledge. He is represented by the monkey because the step-brothers in the Popol-Vuh (Maya Bible, basically) were changed into monkeys, and so today’s animal, of course, is the monkey. But, he is also represented by a single piece of thread that connects us to our ancestors, to time, and to the development of both humans and all of nature. That thread represents people’s destiny and the continuity of life flowing from the past to the future. Today, I feel it is that thread that we should focus on.

So, I am in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia and both art and history are everywhere. There are museums, theaters, churches and graveyards that predate the American Revolution, old cobblestone streets, and beautiful historic homes everywhere. I am here to celebrate my son’s birthday and, of course, staying in his home and every day we have been walking the streets, admiring the waterways (which are everywhere) and snapping photos of things like a Revolutionary War cannon ball imbedded in the wall and an English garden planted in the 1700’s.

But today we will be visiting the beautiful Chrysler Museum, which is right around the corner from his house. And guess what one of the largest collections in the museum is?

Artifacts from Maya culture! I can’t WAIT to see what we discover inside!

Today’s element is water and it’s energetic places are forests, lakes, and the night skies. Well, directly in front of the Chrysler Art Museum is the final end of a river, which looks like a beautiful, still lake. We will have to cross a bridge over it to enter the historic building with its beautiful archways and marble steps. Today’s color is black and the direction is west, and the still water looks very black and it’s direction from the Museum is west (Super cool). There are small happy-incidences everywhere when you begin to look for them. The founders of the United States understood the use of geometry, elements, and direction very well. And the lay-out of the Museum was carefully planned. In fact, this entire area uses beautiful geometric patterns everywhere. There is even an old fort that we passed by yesterday that is set up like a pentagram!

So, what is today’s energy good for?

Well, today is a 4, which is the force of stability, and remember, it is the trecera (13-day month) of Lamat, which is the energy of abundance. So, let’s put that all together.

The energy of Chuwen is good for making plans for something new: A marriage ceremony, a new building project, a new business venture. And because of the way it connects the past to the future, it is a great day to follow the ways of our ancestors and take their advice.

Because today is a four, it’s every is very stable. Think of the term, slow and steady wins the race. Any new venture you begin today will succeed as you apply steady, careful, patient and consistence support to it. And not only will it succeed, but because this is the month of Lamat, it will succeed abundantly!

Also, Chuwen is the patron of arts and knowledge, so new ventures in these areas will do particularly well.

And because Chuwen is the Thread, I suggest that you take some time today to consider the gifts and experiences of your ancestors. How can you apply the knowledge and giftings they passed down to you to what you desire to move into? This is how you can connect the past with the future. For example: My ancestors were explorers and I can tap into generations of energy created by their adventures that will help propel me into new places with a constant strength and momentum as I venture into new territory, in all areas of my life: physically, mentally, and spiritually! Wow… maybe I should do something like travel to remote villages and explore the ancient culture of the Maya! (How cool is that!)

So, find you feet in an energetic place today, maybe this evening you would like to go out under the night sky, or maybe today you would like to talk a walk in the woods or sit by the shores of a calm body of water. And while you are there, allow your mind to drift back to the lives of those who came before you. Allow their energy to flow into you and through you and out into the future. The, as you leave that place, commit to embrace those things that were gifted to you and the use them to create something new and beautiful in your life.

To sum up the details . . .

4 Chuwen: The Monkey & The Thread

  • Significance: The Patron of Arts and Knowledge

  • Number (tone) 4: Stability

  • Animal: Monkey

  • Direction: West

  • Color: Black/Blue

  • Energetic Places: Forests, Lakes, Night skies

  • Good for: Starting something new, Following the ways of your ancestors

Tomorrow is 5 Eb’: The Path…..more to come

Sending happy thoughts and warm energy,


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