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3 Ak'bal: The Night (Aug. 30, 2019)

There is so much going on today. It is the 3rd day of the trecena, or month of Imix, the Crocodile. (A trecena is a 13 day month). So, we have soft energy (the strength of the energy is only a 3) that is a bit turbulent and unstable, but that is because the crocodile is about nurturing new foundations, and starting something new can be a bit turbulent as we try to figure out what things are going to look like. There is some adjusting that happens, and that is good and perfectly natural.

I love how everything fits together so beautifully. Today is also a black new moon. So, there is new moon energy to begin new things, plant ideas, nurture new relationships, begin new projects today in addition to the new foundations energy of Crocodile Imix. That is the new moon part, but what is a black moon? A black moon can mean several things, one of which is that the moon, even though you can’t see it because it is a new moon and the sun is not illuminating it from below in what the Maya call the night house, is at its zenith. So, in effect, it is a SUPERMOON, that is BLACK!

How does that tie into the Tzolk’in enery of today?

Well, today is the third day of the trecena, Crocodile, but the DAY is Ak’bal and the direction associated with Ak’bal is west. Direction is very important to the Maya. Each direction holds an energy and west is about duality and making adjustments. So, the duality of a black supermoon fits right in. It is dark, but it is at it's height! And not only does the direction energy of duality come into play here, but the color associated with the direction west is black!

So how can you apply all this to your life today?

Ak’b’al represents the darkness, the underworld, and the realm of the eternal jaguar sun. It is the time--right now as I am sitting here writing this at 5:30 AM--when it is darkest, right before the dawn. Ak’bal is the energy that brings the light, even when things are darkest.

So, today is a great day for discovering the underlying causes of problems. The spirit of Ak’b’al brings light from the darkness, it is the energy of the dawn, and this is a day to ask for light reach all things.

What is in your life that needs some light shed on it? It may be a problem you are trying to solve, or some confusion you are wanting to break through. It may also be feelings you want to bring to light, like declaring love, or being honest about something that is troubling you.

Since this is the month of Crocodile (Imix), it is swirling with emotions and intuition. Think of the water left swirling behind the crocodile’s tail. Combine that emotional energy with the light bringing energy of The Night (Ak’bal), and you will find there is really good energy to bring emotional things to light.

If you want to engage in a ritual, today is the perfect day to do it.


Find west, the direction of the setting sun. You are going to face west as you do this ritual so you can partake of the energy of duality and adjusting. It will help you make the adjustments you need so you receive that light that is breaking through the darkness and bringing illumination to all things.

Find a candle and find something black since today’s color is black. It can be a black stone, like onyx or obsidian, a beautiful piece of black fabric, like a silk scarf, anything that has some significance for you. Place the black object near the candle. Put the candle and pretty black object in a place where you can sit facing west with the candle and the black object in front of you.

Light the candle and sit facing it. Take a couple of relaxing, cleansing breaths and close your eyes. Think of the thing you want to bring into the light. Picture in your mind what that will look like and ask (out loud if you like) for light to come. Then open your eyes and gaze for a moment at the candle. Receive the energy of making adjustments and understand that as you are open to making an adjustment, which could mean looking at something from a different angle, or taking action to tell someone something, that light will come.

Now simply say thank you for the light that illuminates everything.

Stay aware today and see what comes to light.

To Sum Up:

Ak'bal represents the night-house and the darkness before the dawn. It is about looking within to find answers.

  • Animal: Bat

  • Direction: West

  • Energy: Duality, Adjusting

  • Color: Black

  • Energetic Places: Dawn, dusk and caves

  • A Good Day to Focus on: Declaring your love, Discovering the underlying causes of problems, Bringing things to light.

In all peace and with many bright thoughts,


* If you are curious about the meanings of all the 20 Tzolk'in days, you can GO HERE to learn more.

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