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Does the Vibrational Energy of Locations Affect What You Manifest?

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

The Law of Attraction states that, "thoughts become things." In other words, what you think about a lot tends to come to you. You manifest it. It goes from being just in your imagination to in your reality.

Well, I have noticed something very interesting.

I travel a lot and spend time in odd places. Locations have energy. Some have very high, happy, positive, vibrational energy, and some have very low, negative, depressing, or even scary vibrational energy. The trend I am noticing is that:

Positive things tend to manifest more easily in locations with positive energy

and negative things tend to manifest more easily in places with negative energy.

I live in Mexico now on the Caribbean coast. Its sunny most every day, has lots of happy people, and has this amazing water-filled cave system under everything that is considered sacred by the Maya people. The energy is very high here. So much so that MANY people who come to visit keep returning with more and more frequency until they finally sell everything and move here.

So what about the manifesting thingy?

Yesterday, I got up and ate a super quick breakfast. I wished for a hard boiled egg, but didn't have time to make it. I had to go pick up my friend, Maria, at a hostel. I caught a post on FB about New Zealand as I was stuffing left-over soup in my mouth and thought, "I wonder what its like to live in New Zealand....seems like a cool place...I'd like to know more." Then I ran out, jumped in the car and drove off to pick up my friend.

When I got to the hostel, Maria handed me hard-boiled eggs she cooked for me for breakfast (she had no idea I was dreaming of them) and then a guy who just arrived in town came around the corner and said, "Hi." Guess where he was from?.......ya, New Zealand. How cool is that!?!

So, Maria's favorite sandals were broken. It is not easy to get a good pair of sandals that fit in Mexico. Most everything is made for people with smaller feet than mine. Maria knew she would be hard pressed to find new ones, so she asked if there was a place to get hers fixed and then she showed me a photo of the new ones she really wanted to buy. I told her I was not sure if there was a cobbler in town, but I would ask around.

We went to my house to go though bags of clothing and kitchen items that had been donated to The Happify Project for the poor people in the pueblo of Leona Vicario. Guess what I pulled out of the bag? (I admit, this story is getting a bit predictable) An almost new pair of sandals almost exactly like the ones Maria was lusting after. And guess what else? They fit like a glove! She was super excited because she is new to this manifesting thing.

When we were finished, I threw a few bags in the trunk of my car and we headed out to deliver the donations. Its about a half hour drive so we stopped to get gas and, while the guy pumped the gas (they still do that in Mexico) I told Maria about my favorite scuba shop in town and how I have been friends with the owners for years. She said that was awesome and asked where the shop was located. At that point, the guy from New Zealand came walking by, so we asked him if he needed a ride anywhere. Any idea where he want to go? hahahahahaha...... the SCUBA SHOP!

We dropped him off and went to deliver the donations (Maria, of course was wearing her happy new sandals). Afterwards, I suggested we rent a moto-taxi and make-shift tour guide so I could show Maria around the little Maya village. I mentioned that there is a beautiful cenote (entrance to that amazing underwater cave system) that I wanted her to see, but that the tour guides would only take you to the spot where you could hardly see it. I told her there is an abandonded house you can go in that has a much better view, but I can never get the moto-taxi drivers to take me there. So we waved down one of the little two seater, moto-cycle powered vehicles and asked the guy to drive us around. Guess where he took us?????? (I know, its a bit much, isn't it) YES! He took us to the abandoned house and said, "Most of the older guys won't bring you here, but this is the best spot to view the cenote from." And then he even took us up to the second floor and we had the best view of the cenote ever.

(note the cave entrance on the right hand side of the cenote)

But it doesn't stop there.

Late that afternoon we headed to the beach bar back in Puerto Morelos, enjoyed a couple margaritas and chatted with friends. I introduced Maria to my good friend Jo-Jo (Joanna) who is a scuba diver. Jo-Jo is also a nurse and spends about half the year in Mexico and the other half of the year working back in The States. She said she is getting tired of going back and forth and I asked her, "If you could do absolutely anything, what would you love most to do?" She said she would love to open her own dive shop with her good friend and fellow diver, Noa. We brain stormed what that might look like and came up with the idea of a dive shop that focused on ADVANCED DIVING since all the other dive shops in town focus on new divers and there are so many amazing places for advanced divers to go, but they never get to go there.

The next morning.....I saw Jo-Jo and she said she met Noa for dinner the previous evening after our talk and he, completely out of the blue and with no coaching or suggestion, said, "Jo, I have a great idea and I have been waiting for the right time to talk to you about it." (You totally know where this is going, don't you...) "What would it take to get you to move to Mexico full time and open up a dive shop with me? I really want to focus on ADVANCED DIVERS only and take them to amazing places they never get to go." (Imagine Joanna with her jaw on the floor here), "And, by the way," he went on, "I already have the website up and running."

Now you might think that all this amazing manifesting is just me cause I am super awesome, but you would be wrong. I believe it is intrinsically linked to the vibrational energy of this location. I also believe that, like I said earlier, low vibrational locations tend to create space for negative and even scary manifestions.

You can GO HERE to read an interesting story about some very "dark" ISLANDS IN PANAMA.

What do you think? Have you had any similar experiences? I am doing a bit of field research on this, so I would really appreciate you comments. You can leave them below or email me if you like at

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