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Poverty in Paradise

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

These kids live in a Maya village in the jungle about an hour from Cancun. Alcohol abuse and domestic violence are a big problem in their community and many children and their mom's end up needing to leave their husbands and find a place to stay. Some end up in small concrete homes with no windows or doors, no furniture, no cups or plates or pots or pans, just an empty shell. So we are bringing what we can to help. The generous people from Puerto Morelos, both people who live there and visitors, have been gathering household items and clothing and every few weeks we bring these donations out to this little village. Of course the children are thrilled to get a book or a new toy and mom is happy to have a few basic necessities and a new dress. But, as always, its about the relationships we build.

On this last trip, several of the village women who knew we were coming make us homemade pastries. Super yummy! And our hostess, Euegenia, gave us fresh jack fruit from her garden.

It always amazes me how generous these people are. Those who have so little give so much. What a wonderful example they are. And so once again, we go to help and we learn to love....



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