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Compliment Yourself

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Today you are going to need a pen and paper. And possibly a box of tissues.

One of the biggest things I noticed about people living in quaint little villages in the islands and rain forests and jungles of Latin America, is that they are not hung up on feeling horrible about themselves. They really are happy people. They see their good points and their bad. The woman feel good about being a bit round and the men glorify their own chubby tummies. They don’t worry about what kind of car they have or how big their house is and they never ask someone what they do for work. They DO enjoy sharing a great catch of fish with their neighbors, cooking together as a community, and letting the kids play freely without any worry about them getting their hands dirty.

They also have no trouble telling you how long they worked building a canoe, how many children they have (the more the merrier), or how to make the best tortillas on the planet.

And all of that they do with little or no false ego.

They get really excited about the things they do well and genuinely are happy to tell you all about it.

In short, they have great self-esteem.

OK, go get the tissues.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to be fifty pounds heavier than you would like to be (according to modern standards) and HAPPILY climb into a two-piece bathing suit. Just think how great it would be to have no idea how to cook and have a whole village of warm, caring women excitedly enthusiastic about teaching you, with no judgment at all. Just think how great it would feel to bumble over a new language and have the locals tell you that you are doing great when all you know how to do is ask for two beers and then ask where the bathroom is!

The point here is that there are people in the world who feel really GOOD about themselves and want YOU to feel really good about yourself too!

What a tremendous relief to be able to walk into a party and be comfortable in your own skin or invite people over and not worry a t all about what they will think of your house. What a tremendous blessing to have people see your failings as part of your growth and cheer you on. Imagine playing guitar and singing in front of people and they ignore every mistake you make and applaud with gusto when you finish!

Its time for you to applaud yourself with gusto.

Trust me, this is very therapeutic and, by the time you are done, you will be amazed at what an AMAZING person you are!


The directions are easy. Write down everything you can think of that you have done, learned, discovered, accomplished, practiced and improved, or even just started and are still a newbie at but are excited about. You can do it for the past year. Or if you like, you can go back further, just depending on what feels good to you. There is ONE rule. If you think of something, you HAVE to write it down. No skipping anything.

Your tendency may be to overlook things you think are not good enough. That is not allowed. If you think of it, you have to write it down.

So here is how this will probably go.

At first you will have a hard time thinking of anything at all. You might come up with one or two things. But as you start to write, other things will come to mind. You are not allowed to stop until you just cannot think of anything else. I mean you sit there for five full minutes and can think of NOTHING more.

You can put down things like: I started taking a watercolor class. I got a new job. I got a raise. I read 5 books. I spent more time playing with my grandchildren. I painted my living room. I started being kinder to myself. I forgave my uncle. I cut back on smoking. I started eating healthier. I traveled to a foreign country. I started a garden. (The list is endless) Include anything that made you push some boundaries or you feel good about.

When you are finished, go back to the beginning and read your list out loud.

When you look back over a whole year, it is AMAZING how much you have grown and accomplished. We just normally live day to day and each day rolls into the next and we are unaware of how much has really happened.

If you want, you can post your list on social media somewhere and encourage other people to do this exercise. It is so empowering and it is a wonderful thing to help your friends and loved ones see how wonderful THEY are.

Oh, and then you can put THAT on your list…I encouraged my friends.

saying nice things,


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