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Listen to the Birds

Imagine living where your walls are open to nature. Where you wake up to the sounds of the jungle every morning. Where you hear the parrots talking to each other as they leave their roosts and fly down to the beach. Where the scarlet macaws circle above the palm trees announcing the return of the sun.

Imagine waking up slowly, your eyes are still closed and the breeze drifts in. You lay there drifting in and out of your dream all the while feeling the pull of daybreak as the birdsong crescendos from a single opening twitter to a rousing chorus of brilliant exultation.

Today’s ritual is all about becoming aware of the joy of the moment. It about allowing something as simple as a sound to wash through you and awaken emotion while bypassing your thinking mind.


For this exercise you will need your laptop or phone with a WiFi connection or data.

Find a comfortable place to sit where you can set your phone or laptop nearby. Do a quick search for Relaxing Rain forest Bird Songs and pick a track you like. (YouTube works well for this)

Sit in a position where you can relax and turn on the bird songs. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and then allow your shoulders to drop and the tension to leave your body. Breathe normally and allow your attention to focus in on what you hear. As you listen, allow a feeling of peace and joy to well up from the place just below your rib cage. As you become aware of thoughts that float in, let them go until you are not thinking at all but just listening to the twiddles and chirrups of nature’s glory and feeling wonderful.

After doing this for 5-10 minutes, gently tell yourself that you are going to be aware of bird songs today. By making that association while you are still listening to the songs, you will subconsciously create a connection that will allow your attention to pick up on the sounds of birds singing, where most days you probably don’t even notice them.

Pull yourself out of your reverie, put your arms straight up over your head with your palms together and breathe in deeply. Hold your breath for a few seconds while stretching up toward the ceiling. Breath out firmly and let your arms fall to your sides. Turn off the sound track and go about your day, being mindful of all the birds you hear during the day and into the evening. Because you focused on feeling peaceful and joyful during this exercise, those same feelings will naturally want to come back to you every time you hear birds singing today!


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