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Feel the Vibration

I pulled a stool up to the beach bar and sat down next to a Mexican woman with long silvery hair pulled back in a ponytail. We quickly struck up a conversation, though I am loathe to say I cannot remember her name, I do remember the conversation vividly.

She said she owned a home in Puerto Morelos, but years ago rented it out and moved to Cancun for the sake of her daughters’ education. She was a single mother, working hard and doing the best she could for her two young children. And at the time, moving to the city felt necessary, despite the fact that she loved the little town on the beach.

Now, however, years had gone by and her girls were grown. She was ready to come home.

“What do you love about Puerto Morelos?” I asked her.

Without hesitation she answered me, “The vibration is better here.”

Which brings me to an interesting observation about the people in Latin America. Overall, they seem very in tune with the energy of places.

Another great example is when Melissa, a good friend of mine, was traveling from Mexico to the forests of the northwest in the US, a Mexican girl who was curious about the thick growth of stately trees did not ask, “What do they look like?” but rather, “What does the energy there feel like?”

The energy of a place greatly affects how we feel. And subtle shifts in energy happen not only from country to country and state to state, but even from street to street and house to house.

Today’s exercise is about feeling energy. Before you can change the energy in a place, you need to be aware of it.


To compare how the energy feels in different places, you will need to do a bit of changing scenery. This can be done in different rooms in your own house, or on different streets in your neighborhood. The point is to focus in on a sense that you may not be have practiced much. Your sixth sense. Your energy antennae.

Different people “feel” energy in different ways. You may get different sensations in your body. Or, you may find yourself experiencing emotions. You may even picture something in your mind. The idea is to be open to changes in the way you feel.

If you want to do this in your own home, just pick a room to start in and stand in the middle of it. You can close your eyes if you like. Notice how you feel. See if you can give that feeling a name. Relaxed? Lighthearted? Nervous? Do you notice any sensations in your body? Tightness in your chest? Warmth in your hands? Do you “see” anything in your mind’s eye? A color? An image?

Now go to a different room and do the same thing. See if you notice any changes.

You may notice a feeling coming from something specific in your house. It could come from a stairway or a closet or even a piece of furniture. If you do, tune in to it and get familiar with how it feels.

You can also do this driving through a neighborhood where you can drive slowly (obviously not with your eyes closed!) Pay attention to how you feel as you pass homes, green spaces, and businesses.

The changes in how you feel can be very subtle at first. If I pass a place with very negative energy, I typically get sick to my stomach. I also feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over the area. I might even feel a bit claustrophobic, like I really want to get out of there. The stronger the energy, the stronger my feelings. When I am in a place with good energy, I feel very lighthearted and happy. It seems like I notice the beauty in everything and everything makes me smile. I might even feel a warmth in the center of my chest.

Sometimes a place has very high energy. I might feel like I can’t sit still or I might even feel a bit zingy, like energy is running through my body and I don’t quite know what to do with it. I often get this feeling when I am in or around the cenotes on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Cenotes are water-filled caves that are considered sacred. There is something very special about them.

Occasionally I have been places that make me feel sad. One time I was walking through China Town in Montreal and I literally burst out crying for no particular reason. It was just an intense feeling of sadness. When I turned the corner and the scenery changed, the feeling lifted immediately.

So just take note of how you feel today. Pay attention to the changes. If you want to write down your observations and date them, you can try this same exercise again in a week or so and see if you notice anything different. Becoming aware of energy is very important. It is already there and it is already effecting how you feel, you may just not have made the connection. Once you make the connection, you can take steps to improve the energy around you. But we will save that lesson for another day 😊

Becoming aware,


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