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Clear Negative Energy

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Perhaps you live in a place where the general approach to life is through reason, logic, materialism, evaluation of circumstances through observing what can easily be measured and understood through this physical plane. When you have some kind of trouble in your life, you look for answers you can see.

But I am sure you are aware (as we all are at some level) that there is more to this existence than what meets the natural eye.

One major difference in the cultures of the United States, Canada, and many northern European countries and the cultures in Central America, is the stance, or position from which life is observed. While northern countries tend to see life from a logical, even industrial, viewpoint, Central American countries tend to see it from an intuitive, even spiritual, plane.

Therefore, when a problem arises in a Central American home, the answer is often found in places that you can’t see.

Central Americans have grown up in a culture that recognizes the subtle energies of life. Ever since they were children, these people have been encouraged to develop their sixth sense, or intuition. They are very aware of all manner of things beyond the veil of the physical world. They take the realm of the unseen very seriously and have learned how to work with it.

I was sitting at a little beach bar in Puerto Morelos, just south of Cancun, one day and happened to mention that I wasn’t sleeping well. Right away, five or six local people animatedly began offering suggestions to help me overcome my sleep deprivation. No one suggested I purchase a better mattress or buy dark curtains to block out all light. No one suggested I take a sleep aid or go to therapy to discover what was stressing me out. All the suggestions were on a spiritual level. And almost all the suggestions surrounded the idea that there was some negative energy in my home. Solutions ranged from burning different types of incense, to adding special potted plants, to prayers and declarations, all of which could be done to drive out any negative energy and or entities and fill my space with something positive so that I could sleep.

Just in case you are wondering, I did follow some of the suggestions, and guess what? It worked =)

So how DO you clear negative energy from your home?

Here is a simple pattern you can follow. Of, course there are other things you can do, but this is straight forward and easy to do, and it works well for me.

Directions: You will want some incense or sage. Sandalwood and copal incense are my favorites. Use something you feel good about. With your burning sage or incense, stand in the middle of your house and relax. Think about how this is YOUR home. It belongs to YOU (This is a spiritual thing. It just means this is where YOU are living, it doesn’t matter if you own or rent or have a bedroom in someone else’s house. It is YOUR space). The point of this is that you have the right to affect the energy in your home. If there is something there that you don’t want, you have the right to clear it out.

Feel yourself taking charge of your space and feel your intention and energy pushing out anything you don’t want there. Now take the burning sage or incense and walk through your house working your way toward each window or door. You can say something simple like, “This home belongs to me. Negative energy and anything set against me or my family, you must leave.” Basically, you want to speak out loud. Words carry vibration and are the very stuff of creation. They are powerful. Claim your space and tell anything negative to leave. You can speak directly to it as if it were a person. It might feel a bit funny to do that since you don’t see anything, but it is real, so it is appropriate to address it directly.

Work your way toward each entrance and window in your home and visualize the negativity leaving. You can picture it as a grey cloud if you like. If you feel like opening doors and windows, that is fine too.

As you work your way through your home, stay open to becoming aware of anything that might be causing the negative energy or opening a door to it. You might see something in your home that you want to get rid of. If you do, just take it outside while you are doing this and you can get rid of it later.

When you are finished clearing your home, you will want to fill it up with something wonderful. After all, there really is no such thing as a vacant space. When you clear something out, something else will come in.

Go back to the center of you house now. You are finished with the sage or incense and don’t need it. Close your eyes if you like. It can make it easier to visualize things. Relax and picture brilliant light coming in through your doors and windows. Again, you will want to speak out loud. Invite love and joy and peace into your home. It doesn’t really matter how you say it, just speak directly and invite in the things you want to have in your home.

When you are finished, you can take some oil and go to each opening in your home and seal it. Just dab a bit of oil at the edge of the door or window and say, “This is my home, Light and love are welcome here.” You can say something similar that means something to you or relates directly to your situation. What is important is that you are defining what can come through the openings in your home. It is YOUR home and you can control the energy there.

Repeat this whenever you start to feel yourself struggling to maintain peace, you feel negativity creeping back in again, even if you start not being able to sleep well or are having troubling dreams. After a while, you will see peace staying longer and the atmosphere really stabilizing in your home.

clearin the energy,


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