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The Bribri people who live in the mountains of Costa Rica cultivate sacred chocolate forests. They harvest the golden-red cacao pods guarded by warriors and crocodile carved from stone and ferment the raw beans until they are ready to be ground into a stiff paste that is used to make a drink they revere and drink constantly throughout the day.

They are also one of the longest-lived people on earth.

The Bribri call cacao The Mother of Us All. And with good reason. This raw form of chocolate, known as The Food of The Gods or Theobroma (God-food) Cacao, is full of compounds like serotonin, dopamine, and anandamide (called the “bliss molecule” and a close relative to THC) Together these compounds create a feeling of everything-is-right-with-the-world. They alleviate stress and promote happiness, energy, and clarity of mind.

So, today’s ritual will be all about chocolate. I am sure you are already excited about this one!


You will need raw cacao powder, sea salt or Himalayan salt, honey, coconut oil, your favorite mug, a spoon, and a comfy place to relax.

Now, you get to make the drink of the Bribri. The original Bribri cacao drink is made with only cacao and water. I have added a bit of salt and honey because it tastes awesome that way! If you want to be super authentic, follow the recipe below but don’t add the honey and salt. You will still need the coconut oil unless you buy unprocessed raw cacao powder that still has all the cocoa butter in it)

  • Fill your favorite mug to the brim with water, spring or filtered is preferred of you have it.

  • Pour the water into a small sauce pan

  • Add a heaping teaspoon of raw cacao powder, ½ teaspoon of salt (sea salt or Himalayan salt are best), a teaspoon of honey, and a ½ teaspoon of coconut oil. (The coconut oil is to replace the cocao butter that is removed when they process the cacao into powder. If you like, you can buy unprocessed cacao powder still complete with all the cocoa butter in it at

  • Heat until steaming, but not boiling. Boiling is too hot and will kill off much of the good stuff.

  • Pour the hot cacao drink into your favorite mug and grab a spoon so you can stir it occasionally as the cocoa powder does not completely dissolved in the hot water.

Now find a comfy place to relax.

When you are relaxed, hold your cacao mug in both hands. Feel the warmth for just a minute. Then bring the mug up to your face and enjoy the chocolaty fragrance. Feel the steam on your face. Then take a small sip and hold it in your mouth for a couple of seconds, really focusing on the flavor. Then, as you swallow, picture the warm cacao drink as if it were golden-red light, like the color of the cacao pods. Feel the warm light going into the core of your body, relaxing, warming, spreading happiness all through your body.

Try drinking your entire mug of cacao this way, stirring occasionally to keep all the chocolaty goodness well mixed. Notice how you feel by the time you are done with your mug of chocolate.

I highly recommend that you add cacao to your daily routine. You can replace your coffee with it if you like, or add a spoon of raw cacao powder to your coffee. Raw cacao will give you an energy boost, but it isn’t from the caffeine in the chocolate. There is actually very little caffeine in cacao. The energy boost will be more gentle, last longer, and not give you that crashing feeling when it wears off. The Bribri people of Costa Rica drink 5-6 cups of cacao every day. Try drinking 2-3 cups a day and see how you feel. Then if you like, add more. Do it for a least a week and take note of your overall mood, clarity, and energy level. I think you will be amazed!


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