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The Roommate in Your Head

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Sometimes you get an amazing revelatory breakthrough in your life. All of a sudden, you realize you have been believing a lie about something for years. You see how believing that lie has kept you bound and you rejoice because now you know you will be free in that area. Celebrating, you make a move to embrace your new-found revelation and a little voice in your head pipes up and says, “You can’t do that!”

For example: When you were three, you were often very excited about the new and wonderful things in your world and you were constantly interrupting your mother to tell her about something lovely or pretty or amazing. Your mother was a fairly patient woman, but you interrupted her conversations with her friends almost constantly and so one day she learned down and told you that you were a very selfish little child because you would never stop talking. So, you stopped talking. You stopped trying to get your mother’s attention. And you stopped telling her about all the wonderful things you observed during the day.

Years passed and you grew into a lovely, compassionate adult with much wisdom and insight. But you never shared your insight with anyone. You didn’t share the richness inside you because you still believed it was selfish to do so.

Then one day you had a great revelation that you were no longer three! And, although maybe it was reasonable for a three-year-old to be told to stop interrupting and to learn a little about social graces, you were all grown up now and you knew how to be polite. It dawned on you that now it was completely appropriate, desired even, for you to share the wonderful gift inside you of appreciation and insight into this amazing world.

So, you celebrated your new-found freedom, your self-empowerment, your self-permission to finally share all that wonderful wisdom and excitement with the world. But as soon as you tried to actually speak, a voice in your head piped up and said, “What are you doing?” It reminded you of what your mother said and tried to talk you into being quiet again.

What’s the deal with that voice? Why is it rebelling against your wonderful new revelation?

Because it isn’t you.

There is a voice in your head. It talks to you all the time. In fact, it never shuts up. Most of the time you listen to it and most of the time, you take its advice. You think the voice is you, but it isn’t you. It is your occasionally neurotic human room-mate.

Does this sound familiar? It’s an example of a conversation that takes place completely in your head.

“I really want some pizza.”

“You probably shouldn’t eat pizza. It’s got way too many carbs. Eat a salad.”

“But I am so sick of salad and I am tired of having to watch everything I eat. I really just want pizza.”

“OK, there is one in the freezer.”

“Yeah, but that’s not the good stuff. I really want to order out.”

“You probably shouldn’t spend the money.”

“Yeah you’re right. It’s too expensive.”

“So just cook the pizza that’s in the freezer.”

“Nah, I think I’ll make a salad.”

So, ask yourself this question: While the neurotic voice in your head is arguing with itself, who is listening? Who is observing all this silliness?

Your spirit, that part of you which is light and love, is stuck in your body having to endure your crazy human roommate. Your roommate isn’t very stable, is it? And to think that you listen to its advice! It can’t even make up its own mind about what it wants to do.

So here is the problem. When your spirit, the real you, the part that is love and light and lives in your human body, but is eternal, discovers that it has been hindered by an old belief, it still has to contend with that crazy roommate who has not yet gotten the message. Your roommate is still stuck in the I-am-three-and-mommy-says-not-to-talk-so-much mode. It has not yet gotten the revelation that your spirit has gotten. It is trapped in the old way of thinking. It’s like there are two of you in there and one has the revelation and the other doesn’t.

Oh my….

So now what?

Well, you are going to need to teach your human that it is OK to share the wonderful wisdom you have. And in the meantime, you are going to need to plug your spiritual ears when it tells you not to talk. It will try to be very convincing, but don’t listen. Have compassion and remember, it needs a little time to catch up. It is very used to the old way of doing things.

So, every time you start to say something wonderful and your roommate protests, gently remind them that you have a wonderful new revelation and now it IS OK to talk. Your roommate may be a slow learner, but if you stick with it, eventually they will catch up.

Letting my voice be heard,


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