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Change Your Color to Add More Happy!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I LOVE the expansive way color is used all through Mexico and Central America.

My favorite purse, which I bought in Puerto Vallerta, is purple and green and yellow and blue and burgundy and white and pink and gold. I would never put all these colors together in my matchy matchy way, but the riot makes me happy like a party on a festive day with blue skies, good food, and lots of laughter.

Color is part of life. We are surrounded by it in so many hues and variations, but we often don’t take time to really notice how it makes us feel. A LOT of research has been done on how color effects our feelings, attitudes, energy level, even ability to concentrate and strength of appetite. So, it only makes sense that the colors you wear would have a big effect of your mood.

So, today’s assignment has a couple of parts to it:

First: Go take a look at your closet and take a look at what colors are most and least represented there.

Second: Identify the item you wear most and think about how you FEEL when you wear it. Now identify what is your FAVORITE item in your closet and think about how you feel when you wear that.

Next: Get on-line and look up the meanings of the main colors of the clothing you chose. You can use a question to get good internet results, like “What does it mean if you like to wear blue?”

Now here is where it gets fun…

Ask yourself, “Do I resonate with the meanings of the colors I looked up?” In other words, do you feel like they are accurate in describing how you feel when you wear those colors? If so, do you LIKE the way you feel? Would you like to feel differently? Maybe you wear a lot of grey to work and you are finding that grey is a color that make can be a bit sad, un-motivating, and even make you seem invisible to both yourself and other people. Grey is considered a nice color for work by our society. BUT, do you really want to feel “grey”?

Take a look at the meanings of some of the colors you don’t normally wear. Is there a color you might like to ADD to your wardrobe, or one you already have in there but should maybe pull out a bit more often?

Now here is something very interesting. Ask yourself this question. “What colors make me feel uncomfortable?”

Looking at what makes you uncomfortable can be a great way to pinpoint where growth can happen. Maybe you don’t like to wear pink. Pink is a color of compassion and feelings of love. Is it possible that you don’t like to wear it because you don’t feel a lot of self-love?

Make a list of the colors you are least comfortable wearing and look up the meanings. Some colors are just not part of your personality. I am not suggesting you go out and wear bright yellow all the time if you are a very earthy, quiet person. All I am suggesting is that there may be a feeling or attribute you would like to encourage growth in. Maybe you wear a lot of blue and, while it is a very secure and relaxing color, you are feeling like a bit of rosy red might add some spark you are looking for. Try adding a red scarf or purse or even some red jewelry to your day and take note of how you feel.

This is fun to experiment with. You can even wear something different every day for a week and see how people around you react and how you feel. You may find some surprising changes and want to make some colorful adjustments to your life!

running amok,


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