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How to Stop Thinking About Pink Elephants

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Your "thoughts become things" is an easy way to sum up the Law of Attraction. What you think about is what you get. Your thought patterns create your life.

I have heard many people discuss "getting better at manifesting." The thing is, you manifest all the time, all day every day. Whether you are aware of it or not, your thoughts are continually becoming things. You don't have to get good at it. You are already a master.

The question is not, "Are you good at manifesting?" The real question is "Do you like what you are manifesting?"

If you would like to change what you are manifesting, if you want to change the THINGS that are evident in your life, the way to do that is theoretically simple.

Change what you think.

Of course, your thought patterns, are just that...patterns.....habits. And changing habits can be a bit of a bear.

So I want to offer you one simple way to change your thought patterns. If you practice it, your life will change. It may take a little while for the ball to get rolling in the opposite direction and you may start to notice differences slowly at first. But soon, you will see all kinds of wonderful things falling into place.

So what is the secret?

Think positive.

Now, I don't mean this the way you just took it. I heard you groan. I saw you almost stop reading and sink into frustration ...again.

What I am talking about is super simple and, after you become aware of it, fairly easy to do.

Let me explain.

All you do is turn your thought from a negative one to a positive one. Its just a matter of rephrasing the thought sentence.

Turn your I DON'T WANT to I WANT and your I WILL NOT to I WILL

For example:

Change "I don't want to be sick" to "I want to be healthy"

or change "I will not eat junk food." to "I will eat healthy food."

This sounds a bit odd, but the universe doesn't really understand the word DON'T. And neither do you. Its kind of like saying..."Don't think of pink elephants"

I bet a picture of a pink elephant just popped into your head.

So if you are trying to avoid pink elephants, just stop thinking about them altogether and think of what you DO want.

White rabbits anyone?

curiouser and curiouser,


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