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  • Laura LaBrie

2 Ik: Wind

Ik represents the human voice, air, life, and heavy showers and hurricanes.

It’s a great day to ask for protection for family and friends against natural disasters, to ask for physical healing, especially of respiratory problems, and also to ask for protection for the violence and storms of anger and rage. Because Ik represents the human voice, it is also a day to let your voice be heard. Even if you ruffle some feathers, as long as your intentions are true, this is the day to say what has been on your heart or in your mind for a while now.

The spirit of Ik is a wind that will blow through your life and cleanse it from both physical and emotional storms. Imagine how the sky looks after the wind has blown the storm away…it’s clean and bright with high, wispy clouds, cooler, full of vibrant energy, and cleansed.

The animal associated with Ik is the hummingbird with its delicate wings that beat so fast they create sound, and its color is white--pure, fresh, clean. The direction associated with this vibrant day is north where the cool winds come from. North is also the direction of things diminishing, so all that stormy energy is coming to a rest after it blows through and cleans out everything that does not need to remain.

So, take a few deep breaths today. Breath in and blow out and breathe in again and focus on the air that fills your lungs and brings you life. Then you might even want to finish by blowing out long and forcefully and imagine all the negativity in your life being blown away like the clouds after a storm.

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