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  • Laura LaBrie

13 Ix: A Powerful Day of Magic!

Today is a very powerful day on the Tzolkin maya Calendar. It is 13 Ix. Now, I know you probably have no idea what that means, but I am really excited to tell you!

First I want you to understand what the number 13 means. The calendar has 20 days and 13 energies. The 13 energies are like an ocean wave. At the beginning of the cycle, it is calm and rising, in the middle it is balance and strong, around ten it crests and 11, 12, and 13 it is a powerful force running up toward the shore. 13 is the highest number and is a day of chaos. Well that means it is a great day for magic! the best days for doing magic are when all the possibilities are up in the air and that is just what the energy of 13 is.

Now let's add the day Ix (pronounced Ish) to that. Ix is related to the goddess Ixchel and is feminine energy, mother earth. It is a good day for Using feminine energy, Asking for money to buy land and resources to build a house, Giving thanks to the earth and asking pardon for exploiting it, Everything that involves taking care of plants, animals, and the earth. (Go here for more information about the what each day is good for.)

It's also a good day for doing magic!

So add the cosmic energy of 13, chaos, and magic to the day Ix which is ALSO a good time for doing magic and you have double magi-lisciousness! A POWERFUL day for doing magic!

What kind of magic might be good to do today...well nature magic of course! it is IX, a day that is all about Mother Earth!

So, perhaps you might like to go outside and collect some flowers, or a bit of water from a river, or some smooth rocks that catch your eye and use them to work a little good in the world today!

To discover what is coming up in the Tzolkin Maya Calendar so you can align your personal energy with what the energy of the day is, check out the Tzolkin Calendar on my website where you will find lots of interesting info and how to use the calendar AND a calculator to see what the days are that are coming for the rest of this year. Look up an important day and plan ahead! it is a wonderful thing to be in alignment with the energies of the ancients!

Oh, and by the way, the Tzolkin Claendar is the only claendar that does NOT follow the moon or stars. It is a 260 day calendar. the same amount of time it takes for a baby to form in the womb! it was created to help us, humankind, to grow and develop and become all that we can be. How cool is that!

Positively humming,


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