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13 B'en: Staff of Divine Power

Today (September 9, 2019..... 9,9,!) is a 13. Thirteen is the highest and wildest energy of the Tzolk’in Calendar. Last time we had a 13, I found myself on the island of Cozumel in an ancient site where I saw (yes, saw with my eyes open) something not from this world. It ran by me as I was standing near the entrance to a cave. For more GO HERE.

I wonder what this 13 will bring!

Today is B’en: The Staff of Divine Power. It is an amazing day and one that I want to really embrace. B’en is represented by your spine and the internal fire which moves and activates the secret powers. WOW! That sounds a LOT like Kundalini activation and chakras, doesn’t it! I love how the same ideas are in so many different cultures. It validates them powerfully!

The staff of Divine Power is like the spine. Straight and strong and filled with power. In Maya tradition this is a day of triumph, a day of harvest and great success. AND it’s a THIRTEEN!

So, what should you focus on today?

The Maya Daykeepers instruct us that today is a good day to focus on following your intuition, listening to your dreams, and studying and investigating things.

While that all sounds very etherical, keep in mind that the Maya are very practical people and the information gained through dreams, intuition, and learning the secrets of the universe is applied to very practical things like abundance in your home, crops, health, children, shelter, family, domesticated animals, and of course corn, the staple food of the Maya.

So, as you press into your intuitive side today, look for answers to basic things that you need. The answers are there and this is a day of wild power and divine intervention!


Stand still and straight, feet planted shoulder width apart. Breathe in and stand up taller feeling your spine extend. Now breathe out until your lungs are empty. Then breathe in again, slowly and fully, and as you do, envision an internal fire flowing from the base of your spine, up through your back, vertebra, by vertebra, to the very top of your head. Breathe out and envision that fire flowing back down your spine and into your hips. You can do this three or four times if you like, but pause and breathe normally for a few seconds in between each time. (So, you don’t get dizzy!) The last time you do it, imagine that fire rising up and then collecting at your heart chakra. Feel it gathering there, warm and powerful. Hold onto that feeling for a moment and then let it go by breathing out again.

That fire is the Divine power within you to affect your world. Consider today how you might use it wisely and with great compassion.

To Sum Up:

13 B’en: The Staff of Divine Power

  • Animal: Armadillo

  • Direction: East

  • Energy: Beginning, Unity

  • Color: Red

  • Element: Earth

  • Energetic Places: Beach and warm forests

  • Gemstone: Turquoise

  • Today is good for: Embracing intuition, dreams, and investigating

In expectation,


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