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12 Kawak: The Celestial Dragon & The Rain God

The celestial dragon serpent goes to and fro from the cenotes to the sea ensuring that rain will continually water the earth and Chaac, his ruler, thunders from heaven and brings the storms.

The dragon lives deep within the cenotes. You may think he is a legend, but there are those who have seen him and seen his power. (For a cool story about that, go here) Cenotes are portals to the fresh water that lives beneath the Yucatan and are considered sacred because they both bring life and are the gateways to the Maya underworld. Today is a day of life, a day of thunder and lightning and stirring up the energy for health, happiness, and success. It is a day that washes away blockages and is a good day to ask for rain (the flow of water for all living things), to ask for healing from mental illness (the flow of clear thinking), to work as a midwife (the flow of life), ask for family unity (the flow of relationships), ask for prosperity on the earth (the flow of money and resources), ask for success in projects (the flow of creativity) and to ask that the actions of your enemies turn back against them (the flow of justice) and to use your own authority (the flow of personal power).

This is about releasing pent up energy, removing obstacles, and letting life flow again in every area.

And today is a 12, which is the energy so powerful it is almost uncontrollable. It is the moment right before the wave crashes on the shore. This is a day when things will take on a life of their own and all the intention you have put into things has propelled it forward to its completion. Just stand back and watch. It has left your finger tips and is racing forward to completion.

The Animal today is nearing the end of the turtle and it is interesting that right now is the turtle nesting season. Just a few days ago we went out at night to watch them come up out of the sea and lay their eggs on the beach. The eggs have been laid, they are on their own now, developing into what they will become. The intention has been put forth and the energy that was put forth with it is now bringing life to fruition.

It is the same with things in your life today.

Today’s color is black or deep blue, that of the deep ocean and the element is water. The direction is west, that of the setting sun. The nearing of completion of the day.

Energetic places today are cypress forests and pine forests where the constant flow of water creates tall, straight trees that reach to high heights where they might witness that celestial dragon fling back and forth from the cenotes to the sea.

The stone for today is jade, a sacred and royal stone with hues of deep green.


So, toady is a day to relax, sit back, and understand that the energy you have put into motion in regard to removing blockages is working in your favor. It is nearing completion in its work.

Find west and find a comfortable place to sit with your face to the direction of the setting sun. Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground and breath in deep, allowing the breath to strengthen and heighten your posture. Sit up straighter. Feel the energy within you rising to the top of your head.

Now blow out and completely relax.

You have done the work. You have put in the effort. Relax. Allow the wave to move through you and understand that its power will bring justice, it will bring healing and clarity, it will being birth and creative solutions and it will bring financial break through. You have done your part and today you can let it go and sit back and watch the results come. And while you are doing this, remember again that this is the end of the month of Lamat, the month of abundance. We are in the final days of this lovely energy and things are flowing with full force now . . . abundantly!

To Sum Up:

12 Kawak

The day of Celestial Dragon Serpent and the rain god, Chaac

A day of washing away blockages and bringing success

  • Animal: Turtle

  • Direction: West

  • Color: Black and Deep Blue

  • Element: Water

  • Stone: Jade

  • Energetic Places: Cypress and Pine Forests

  • Focus on: relaxing and letting the energy of the storm wash away any blocks in family relationships, health, emotions, clear thinking, prosperity, creativity, and justice

Breathing a sigh of relief,


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