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12 Eb': Your Life Path & Travel

Eb' is all about your path in life or your destiny. It is also a great day for actual, physical travel!

And today’s number is 12 which is about understanding or stepping back and looking at where you are in life and making sense of it.

That all makes today a really good day for doing some reflecting about where you are in life and if you want to make some changes. It also makes it a great day for going on an adventure where you learn something, particularly something about yourself!

So, take some time today to consider your future and to think about where your path in life is taking you. If you DO travel, pause to listen to the lesson about life that the universe has to teach you today, because the will be something that catches your attention and shows you a perspective about your own life that you will benefit from seeing.


Today is a great day to make a list of the things you have done over the last year. Then go back and read the list out loud. Hearing yourself read can be a powerful thing. It sets the information deeper in your mind. As you go back and read your list, be thankful for the wonderful experiences you have had and try to see what you have learned along the way. You can also set some intentions about what you would like to see happen in the coming year!

Going on an adventure,


To Sum Up:

12 Eb: The Path

A good day for reflecting on your path in life and for travel

  • Animal: Mountain Lion

  • Direction: South

  • Energy: Increasing, harvest

  • Color: Yellow

  • Element: Fire

  • Energetic Places: mountains, cold forests, fast moving rivers

  • Gemstone: Malachite

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