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11 Etznab': The Obsidian Knife & The Mirror

charged gold obsidian

Obsidian is glass formed by volcanoes. It is dark and sometimes contains glittering gold. I have a smooth piece of obsidian formed to look like a stone. It feels cool and heavy in my hand and, when I hold it, I feel comforted by its powerful energy.

Not long ago I was visiting my friend Francisco who is a Maya herbatero/medicine man. He used a smooth piece of obsidian to give me a massage that was designed to pull negative energy out of my body and my spirit. Before he began the massage therapy, he charged the stone with sunlight and cenote water he had retrieved from a very sacred cave nearby. I could see the glittering gold in the jet black, smooth glass. He explained that after the massage, the gold would be mostly gone because it had absorbed the negative energy that was troubling me. I really like Francisco, because he is a wonderful teacher and every time I see him, he carefully and with kindness teaches me something new.

Well he was correct! After the massage, the stone was almost completely black! It was like the gold was a visual of the power within the stone and after it had been used most of the gold was gone and the stone needed to be recharged again.

I was fascinated. But the effects of the therapy were not reflected only in the stone. A few hours after he gave me the massage (similar to a hot stone massage, but without the heat), my stomach completely emptied itself. You would think that after hours of being sick, I would have felt exhausted, but instead I was filled with energy, felt fresh, and my mind and spirit felt crystal clear. I didn’t even realize how confused and blocked my energy was until I felt clear and focused afterwards!

This day, 11 Etznab, is the day of the obsidian knife. It is a day that brings cleansing on every level and is considered a potent day for healers and healing. It is a day to diagnose dis-ease and cleanse your body, your mind, and your spirit. It is a day to let go of the past and move forward and a day to break away from people and things that cause you anguish.

Mayan Glyph Etznab'

It can be a difficult day because, like a knife, it cuts to bring both healing and truth. The glass obsidian blade (which is very sharp, not smooth like the massage stone) cuts to the core of things. It also gives us the opportunity to look in the mirror, if we are brave enough, and see our true selves. Because this volcanic glass can be polished to a reflective surface, it holds the power to see inside ourselves, to the core of things, and even into the future. So, today is not only a good day to take an honest look at our own lives, but it is also a day to make predictions about the future.

Keep in mind also that today is an eleven, which holds a high energy of resolution. This is a very good day to bring things to an end. Don’t be surprised if you feel some unsettled emotion around this because eleven is tending toward that time when the energy is so powerful that the wave crashes on the shore.

Today’s animal is the fish which lives in the water (representative of our subconscious and our emotions) and has scales that reflect the light. The direction is north where the cleansing cool breeze come from and the color is pure white.

The energetic places associated with Etznab’ are waterfalls, caves, cenotes, and storms.

Note: Today is NOT a good day to plant.


Take some time today to stand in front of the mirror and look into your own soul. Because of the connection to rushing water today, you may want to put on some background sounds of rain or moving water. Stare into your own eyes for a few moments and just see. Things will start to come to the surface. Be honest with yourself, but don’t judge. Just see. Allow emotions to come, acknowledge them, and then let them go. Then, if there are things or relationships that come to light that you feel would benefit you to bring resolution to or let go of, today holds the power to help you do that.

To Sum Up:

11 Etznab: The Obsidian Knife & the Mirror

A High Energy Day of Resolution

  • Animal: The Fish

  • Direction: North

  • Color: White

  • Energetic Places: Waterfalls, caves, cenotes, and storms.

  • Focus on: Self-reflection, letting go of the past, letting go of unhealthy relationships, thoughts, and habits, predicting the future, getting to the bottom of things, diagnosing, and healing

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