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11 Chuwen: Riding the Wave of Creativity

Chuwen is The Monkey: The Patron of Arts and Knowledge.

Today is a great day to exercise your creativity. It is also a high number day (11) with energy that may take you to unexpected places!

The challenge today is to allow for some freedom in your creative ideas without running into frustration or even strife! There is some great energy for unexpected directions in creative projects today. But keep in mind that 11 is that wave of energy getting close to crashing on the shore. So, there is some turbulence. Think of all that white water coming crashing down as the wave nears the shore. Its POWERFUL! It can be a bit uncontrollable. AND it can take you places you never expected!

So, get creative today and do it with open hands. Don’t try to control things because then you are fighting against today’s energy. That is where any frustrations, disappointments, or strife will come from. Get in the flow! Ride the wave! And see where it will take you!


Today is a day to let go of control and see where your creativity takes you. If you try to fight the wave, you will find yourself frustrated. So, let’s do a meditation to line up with this fantastic and wild creative energy!

Stand facing west because today’s energy comes from the west. Close both fists and hold them in front of you. Imagine that inside your fists you are holding a project you have been working on, or one you would like to begin. Imagine what you think that project is supposed to look like.

Now turn your attention to the direction you are facing, West. And feel the energy of making adjustments and duality coming to you. It is an energy that asks you to let go of your preconceived ideas and be open to something new and wonderful. It might be small adjustments, or it might be really big ones.

When you can feel the energy of duality and adjusting, make a decision that you are OK with it and ready to embrace it. Then in a flowing movement, raise your fists to the sky while opening them to the Universe and say, “I let go!”

By doing this you make room for the new and unexpected creativity whose energy is flooding this day! Enjoy it!

Having some creative fun!


To Sum Up:

11 Chuwen: The Monkey

The Patron of Arts and Knowledge

  • Animal: Monkey

  • Direction: West

  • Energy: Duality, Adjusting

  • Color: Black

  • Element: Water

  • Energetic Places: Still lakes, dark forests, night skies

  • Gemstone: Aventurine

  • Today is good for: Riding the wave of creativity!

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