Now YOU can join us!

But remember, we don't know where we might end up!

After receiving MANY requests, we have decided to open up our explorations into the pueblos and jungles on the Yucatan Peninsula!

So, now YOU can join us for a day (or a couple of days)! 

What does that mean?

It means you get to join us on a adventure.

It means we don't know for sure what is going to happen. 

It means we are going on an adventure where we don't know what is going to happen and we don't even know for sure where we are going and YOU get to come with us!


Why are you going on all these crazy adventures?

Because we want to uncover mysterious stories and document them! 

What does that look like?

It looks like remote villages, traditional food, invitations into local homes, traipsing through the jungle with local guides, exploring hidden and sacred caves and water-filled sink-holes (cenotes), exploring little known Maya ruins (even ruins on private property), listening to fantastic stories about jungle spirits told by local people, exploring pristine lagoons and protected wildlife areas, being exposed to the Yucatec Mayan dialect, and building friendships with Maya families. 

What does that NOT look like?

It does NOT look like a planned tour. It does not include big buses and lots of people. Nor does it include a set schedule. We will go with a general plan and location in mind that allows for a LOT of flexibility. In fact, we COUNT on going places we did not plan on going and meeting people we did not plan on meeting and having amazing, rock - your - world experiences we did not plan on having!​

Our goal is to document in words, photos, and videos,

the stories of the modern Maya people and now we can take YOU with us!.

For more on WHY we are doing that and HOW we are doing that you can click on the button

After spending two years connecting with the locals, going to really beautiful, sacred, and competently off-the-grid places, and spending time with the beautiful and gentle people of the Yucatan, it became evident that opening up our excursions to a few adventurous souls could benefit our objective of sharing the stories of the Maya with the world. 

It is the Maya people who have asked us to tell their story.

And their desire is for YOU to benefit from those stories.

So, it seems natural to bring you WITH us!

That way, you can experience the magic of connecting with the Maya for yourself. 

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Please understand that these are RESEARCH TRIPS, not tours. Not everything will go as planned.

But THAT is part of the magic! So, come with an open heart and open expectations.

If you can lay down the need for a planned agenda, I guarantee, you will be richly rewarded!

So, contact us and see where and what we are planning!

© 2015 by Laura LaBrie

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