Open Expeditions

Now YOU can join in real, working expeditions

Are you ready for an adventure?

The first thing we want you to know is that if you decide to come with us, you are joining a working expedition!

Our goal is to better understand and to document the culture and stories of the modern Maya people living here on the Yucatan Peninsulia. With that goal in mind, we always keep connecting with the local people as our top priority. It is important for you to understand that the events on the calendar here are a flexible guideline of what we will actually be doing. 

We often find ourselves being invited into people's homes, asked to join locals for a meal, or meeting someone new who offers to bring us places we never even knew existed! So be open and ready for the unexpected! THIS is where it really starts to get interesting!

The open expeditions you will find below are places we are visiting often right now because we are working on a bigger project that requires us to return to the same place on a regular basis. We have set up some amazing things for you to do and we will be doing some research along the cool is that!

Stories from Previous Excursions

To find out about what we have been doing, take a look around the blog

All kinds of stories and experiences are documented there. 


Please understand that these are RESEARCH TRIPS, not tours. Not everything will go as planned.

But THAT is part of the magic! So, come with an open heart and open expectations.

If you can lay down the need for a planned agenda, I guarantee, you will be richly rewarded!

So, contact us and see where and what we are planning!​