28 Days to Happify Your Life


Now you, too, can Discover the Secrets of Happiness that I learned while living with the beautiful indigenous people in the jungles and islands of Central America. 

and those simple, yet profound secrets all have one thing in common

they are all about CONNECTION

28 Days to Happify Your Life 

An Interactive E-Course

Just $67

The next 28 days can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Find out how small changes can have a BIG impact on how you feel. 

It's easy, fun, and sometimes even delicious!

PLUS, you get free
E-copies of TWO of my newest books

learn how to make deeper connections

in the four basic areas of your life 


Your Authentic Self

Amazing Nature

Other People

The Supernatural


Each lesson includes an activity that is designed to help you make a solid connection while at the same time being simple, fun (or possibly delicious!), and have a BIG impact on how you feel. The idea is to add something new each day until your life is just brimming with feel-good activities.


What makes this program different from other “get happy” programs?


All the lessons and activities are based on what I learned about happiness while living with the indigenous and local people in the mountains, jungles and islands of Central America!

So get ready to have some fun! 

What you get...

1.      28 days of enlightening, fun, and high-impact course curriculum filled with activities

2.      E-Book copies of two of my newest books:  HOW TO HAPPIFY YOUR LIFE and FEEDING YOUR INTUITION.


3.      Membership in the private 28 Days to Happify Your Life FB group so you can make this journey in a safe place with people like you who want to live a happier, more connected life and so you and I can connect, you can ask questions and share your stories, and we can work together to make this time you are committing to becoming a happier you all that it can be.

4.      Lovely journal pages you can print.

5.      Access to some short videos and audio recordings I have created to help you make stronger connections in all four areas of life: Your Authentic Self, Other People, The Natural World, and The Supernatural

As a bonus, if you are feeling really committed, there are optional DEEP CHALLENGES available to try on some days. They require a bit of pushing yourself out of your normal comfort zone, but if you decide to take on these challenges, the impact you will feel on your life will be even greater. I suggest you try at least a few of them. And of course, I will put the challenge out there to you that if you are really brave, you should try them ALL!


As we work on incorporating these feel-good activities into your life, keep in mind that they are all things that are practiced by some of the happiest people in the world. According to the Happy Planet Index, every year Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama make the top of the list of the happiest places on earth, usually in the number 1, 2, and 3 spots!


And everything you get to learn is inspired by the indigenous and local people in these beautiful, tropical paradises!

You can buy the e-course today and start HAPPIFYing YOUR LIFE!

© 2015 by Laura LaBrie

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