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No one should suffer
from depression or anxiety

If you are here, its because the Universe has drawn you here. 

If you are struggling, this will bring you hope. 

After loosing my husband of 27 years, I moved to Central America. And there, in the most unexpected place, I found healing and happiness in a way I had never known before. 

Please receive my gift to you in your time of need. 


You will find here the heartwarming story of people who know deep happiness and 28 simple activities to bring you to a place of peace, of joy, and of deep contentment. 

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Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be in need. There is no reason to suffer anymore. If I could find happiness, so can you. 

In all humbleness and with hope and joy


How to Happify Your Life

This whole HAPPIFY PROJECT thing is the fruit of seven years of living and traveling in the remote islands, jungles, and rain forests of Mexico and Central America. While looking for the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions and getting to really know the locals, I discovered something AMAZING! The local people in Mexico & Central America hold the key to happiness! It’s so simple and, to them, such a basic and obvious way of living. Over and over again these lovely people challenged my way of thinking. I said things to them and got completely unexpected and sometimes confusing responses until finally, I figured out that their approach to life was totally different than mine. They came from a place of being intuitively and profoundly connected to literally everything! After living closely with these wonderfully happy “poor” people, I realized that their connection to life encompasses four basic areas: Authentic Self, Other People, Nature, and the Supernatural. Soon, with their help, I began to incorporate that connection into my own life. My life was radically changed. The people of Mexico and Central America had given me a great gift. My focus, my perspective, my embracing of simple joy, and my understanding of a deeper, more connected way of living impacted the very core of who I am. And now, I want to take you there. Let me show you the four happy points of connection. And let me show you how you can make important and authentic connections at all four of those points in your own life, no matter where you live. Because we are all in this life together and happiness is our birth-right. Some days, we have just forgotten who we are.


Integrating life, Laura