What do we do?

We explore, We connect with local people

And we collect fantastic stories

Think this:

discovering water-filled caves in the jungle

exploring little-known Maya ruins

receiving invitations into local homes

enjoying authentic Yucatan food

learning about native medicinal plants

studying with Maya healers and shamen

playing with indigenous kids

building friendships with local people

visiting sacred places

helping Maya familes with basic needs

practicing the Mayan language

and listening to lots of colorful, mysterious, and amazing stories!

What does exploring, connecting,

& collecting look like?

Why are we exploring, conneting & collecting?

. . . because they asked us to.
It all started with several elderly Maya gentlemen (in several different circumstances) asking us to learn all we could from them and tell the world about who they are and what their lives are like. 

And so in an effort to honor their request,

we are gathering the stories of the Maya and sharing them here.

Please pass them along.

We are not entirely sure of why the Maya feel it is so important to share their stories with the world.

But we know they feel it is vital.

You can be a link.

Every Maya story has a social media share button at the bottom of the page. 

Help us help them get their stories out to the world.


Muchas Gracias, 

Laura and The Team

Sebriano & The Dragon

"Tell the world we are in grave danger.  Tell our story.
Tell them who we are and what we have lost already.''
​ ~Sebriano, Mayan resident of Xcalacoop, Yucatan

An elderly Maya man named Sebriano who lives near the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza told Maria and I numerous stories about elemental beings in the jungle, old Mayan gods come to life, and water-filled caves that lead to Xibalba, also known as the passageway to the after-life. He told us stories he had never shared before and then he asked us to promise that we would share those stories with the world. He said it was vital. He said happiness itself was at stake...  READ MORE 

Our Methods

Find out how we approach learning from the locals.

Its both an adventure

and a beautiful way to connect.