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Meet Laura

Guide to Maya Magic & Wisdom

I'm Laura. I am so happy you stopped by! I live in a little fishing village in Mexico and do a LOT of exploring. I spend my time collecting some of the most intriguing stories of the local culture, mysteries, supernatural happenings and spiritual beings, and lovely local people and am working to preserve those stories and honor the tellers! I am learning so much and I am excited to share the wisdom and magic of the Maya people with YOU! I am an author, teacher, researcher, and photographer. Wanna chat? Email me at connect@lauralabrie.com or find me at Mysterious Mexico on FB. I would love to hear from you!

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The wisdom & magic of the Maya is not just a thing of the ancient past. It is here for you today.

Featured Post
The Sacred Ceiba Tree
What is the significance of the ceiba?

The ceiba is the sacred tree of the Maya. It is a symbol that reminds us that everything is connected. It connects the three realms: The Heavens, Earth, and the Underworld. It is also The Center, The World Tree, and The Tree of Life.


The 4 cardinal directions are sacred to the Maya and tell us everything we need to know about life as energy travels around the great circle of the cosmos. The great ceiba stands in the middle, reminding us that, when everything is in balance, we find ourselves centered. And this place . . .Center, is where we want to remain in order to be at peace within this vast and spectacular Universe!

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