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Come with me on adventures in the tropics, discover sacred cenotes, learn from Maya shamen, sample local foods, discover ancient cities, connect with Maya families, learn about the Maya calendar, 

and much more...

Laura LaBrie at Kaan Luum

Maya Majiks

Oracle Cards
Guide Book

FINALLY after more than six months, the oracle cards are ready! You will find lots of encouragment in this set of 74 cards that comes with a 94 page guidebook! No negative cards, only lovely gods and goddesses, sacred places, elemental beings, and wonderful advice for daily living. 

Mystery & Adventure
tracking down stories in the jungles

There are stories in Middle America. Stories about life, and mystery, long forgotten cities, jungle spirits, sacred cenotes, and unexpected beauty in unexpected places. 


at Mysterious Mexico

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Now you can pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a margarita)  and read the stories of Jungle Exploration

 in the Remote Tropics. 

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Meet Laura

Connecting you to adventure in unexpected places
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I'm Laura. I am so happy you stopped by! I live in a little fishing village in Mexico and do a LOT of exploring. I spend my time collecting some of the most intriguing stories of the local culture, mysteries, supernatural happenings and spiritual beings, and lovely local people and am working to preserve those stories and honor the tellers! I am an author, teacher, photographer, and traveler and I am excited to share my journey with you! Wanna chat? Email me or find me at Mysterious Mexico on FB. I would love to hear from you!