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There are stories in Middle America. Stories about life, and mystery, long forgotten cities, jungle spirits, sacred cenotes, and unexpected beauty in unexpected places. 


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Maya Majiks

Oracle Cards

FINALLY after more than six months, the oracle cards are ready! You will find lots of encouragment in this set of 74 cards that comes with a 94 page guidebook! No negative cards, only lovely gods and goddesses, sacred places, elemental beings, and wonderful advice for daily living. 

The Secrets of Happiness

28 Days to Happify Your Life


Discover the Secrets of Happiness 

from the beautiful indigenous people in the jungles and islands of Mexico and Central America. 

the simple, yet profound secrets all have one thing in common

they are all about CONNECTION

connection to self

connection to others

connection to nature

connection to spirit

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The Book Shelf

adventure tales, heart-warming stories, food & happiness

after all, what more does a person need?

I Ran Away to Mexico:

An Unexpected Spiritual Journey

Laura LaBrie

After flying to Mexico to teach English to Mayan children in an effort to escape the pain of losing my husband—after being challenged by an old Mexican man to lay down my agenda and just live with the locals—I finally let go of fear and grief and lost myself in a culture not my own. I spent the next five years living all through Mexico and Central America. For a time, I even lived without electricity and without running water. I rented a house in a poverty-stricken community so I could see what living in poverty was like from the inside. My life became an experiment. But the results of my experiment were more than I bargained for. I unexpectedly found a spiritual thickness hovering over Latin America. From Mayan pyramids and cavernous entrances to the underworld, to shape-shifting beings and places where time and space bend, I found the remote rain forests and islands are rife with other-worldliness. As my journey took me deeper into the bowels of a land wracked with poverty and human suffering, I became increasingly aware of how the struggle for survival on this narrow isthmus is not won in this realm, but in the one beyond.


I RAN AWAY TO MEXICO: AN UNEXPECTED SPIRITUAL JOURNEY is filled with short stories about my adventures with titles like; Blue People, Speak Love, Stuck in Nowhere, Cans and Guilt, Chicken Bone, The Bocas Triangle, Would You Like a Fish? and much, much more. You can get it in both paperback and e-book by following our green button link to Amazon.  

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Laura LaBrie is the author of seven books including 5 star rated, I RAN AWAY TO MEXICO: AN UNEXPECTED SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. She is also a Photographer, Adventure Traveler, Mentor, Speaker, Reverend, and Teacher. She has been living and traveling in Mexico, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa for the past eight years, loves connecting with local people, having remote adventures, collecting crazy stories, and has a huge heart for what she likes to call, "the beauty in the poor places" and for taking YOU there!

Hey There, You Intrepid Life-Traveler, You Thinker-Outside-the-Box, You Owner-of-a-Huge-Heart, You Seeker-of-More,

I'm Laura.  This whole thing is the culmination of eight years of living and traveling in Mexico and Central America. While getting to really know the local people, I discovered something AMAZING!

The lovely, indigenous and local people of Mexico and Central America demonstrate true happiness, profound and intuitive understanding of life acceptance, integrated and constant practice of presence, and a whol-istic and conscience connection with themselves, their environment, each other, and the vast spiritual beyond. 

My life was radically changed by spending time with these amazing and authentic people. My focus, my perspective, my embracing of simple joy, and my understanding of a deeper, more connected way of living impacted the very core of who I am.


And now I want to take you there. 

Let me show you what I see, because I see such beauty in the most unexpected places and adventure everywhere!

Integrating Life, 


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